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World Famous Celebs with Freakiest Birthmarks

Any Freakiest Birthmarks on the body especially when they’re on your face, may seem to disqualify people from celebrity status. Sometimes people try to hide it through makeup or surgery but this is not always the case.

The so-called beauty mark is a mole on a face that is considered sexy and add some extra touch of attractiveness.

Following 13 are famous celebrities with freakiest birthmarks that add more to their already glamorous personality.

1. Rekha- one of the finest actresses in Indian cinema

13 Famous Celebs with Freakiest Birthmarks
Image Source: stmed.com


Rekha, who is considered to be the evergreen diva and sex symbol in Bollywood looks ravishing in this age also. Rekha‘s mole above her lips makes this evergreen beauty even more beautiful. But do you know her much-talked about beauty spot is fake? The big revelation came on Kapil Sharma’s comedy show.

Rekha revealed that her mother gave her the priceless idea to sport a fake mole above her lip. The actress also said that she used to spend hours to get it right.

2. Kaili Bright

Kaili Bright is one of Justin Bieber’s backup dancers for the Believe Tour. Bright has a prominent port-wine stain on her face. Some people attempts to remove the freakiest birthmarks through laser surgery and other methods but seem Bright have come to terms with her birthmark.

2. Anita Hassanandani

13 Famous Celebs with Freakiest Birthmarks
Image Source: India TV


Popular Television actress Anita Hassanandani who also worked in some Bollywood movies is one of the most beautiful faces of the telly town. The thing which adds more beauty to her is the mole which is above her lip on the right side of the face. She always flaunts her mole without ever feeling the need to hide it.

3. Cassandra Naud

13 Famous Celebs with Freakiest Birthmarks
Image Source: boredpanda.com


Professional dancer Cassandra Naud was born with a large Freakiest birthmark under her left eye. Canada’s London based Naud loves her unique appearance and even credits her birthmark for making her memorable in her industry. Many people suggest her to remove it but she refuses it and embraces her stand out appearance.

4. Angelina Jolie

13 Famous Celebs with Freakiest Birthmarks
Image Source: The Independent


The most beautiful women and phenomenal actress Angelina Jolie is known for not hiding the famous birthmark on her head. The actress’ luscious, pouty lips, mesmerizing eyes aren’t the only feature that makes her beauty so well-known. Jolie has a mole above her right eyebrow that adds extra beauty and magnetism.

5. Gigi Hadid

13 Famous Celebs with Freakiest Birthmarks
Image Source: celebuzz.com



Blonde, stunning, rich, famous and most followed model in 2018, Gigi Hadid has lots of moles on her body. Hadid proudly shows off her birthmarks on the body and even she features on the cover of Vogue magazine. The model flaunts her beauty spot in bikini pictures.

7. Madonna

American singer-songwriter, actress and businesswoman Madonna look extra sensuous with her iconic, beautiful mole striking above the right upper lip. She is referred to as the “Queen of Pop” and that beautiful spot on her face made her more popular.

Madonna noticed the mole started not making its appearance since around after Truth Or Dare (1991 to 1992) and was seemingly completely “erased” during the Erotica era onward. Many speculate she had it laser-removed for cosmetic reasons and many think she simply just started putting heavy makeup over it.

8. Rachel McAdams

13 Famous Celebs with Freakiest Birthmarks
Image Source: womenshealthmag.com


Famous Canadian actress and activist Rachel has several moles on her face and neck, and she’s never considered them hindrance in her career. McAdams is so proud of her complexion that she went sans makeup on Allure‘s August 2014 cover, deliberately flaunting her Freakiest Birthmarks on the body.

9. Gina Rodriguez

13 Famous Celebs with Freakiest Birthmarks
 Image Source: GettyImages


‘Jane the Virgin’ star Gina wants to be represented in a truthful manner. Rodriguez may be proud of her natural beauty, but that doesn’t mean she’s always comfortable with her face and birthmark on her body. The Golden Globe winner expressed her frustration regarding heavy handed Photoshopping tactics. “It feels really good when a photo can capture my body, my spirit, without having to gloss over it,” she said.

“Let me keep my curves, my birthmark. I want to look like myself.”

10. Jennifer Lawrence

13 Famous Celebs with Freakiest Birthmarks
Image Source: independent.co.uk


Highest-paid actress in the world Jennifer embraces her moles on television, in movies, and on the red carpet all the time. Lawrence, refreshingly, is a lady of many moles, perhaps even the mole-iest sex symbol the world has yet seen.

11. Kate Upton

13 Famous Celebs with Freakiest Birthmarks
Image Source: askmen.com


The stunning young model and actress own her mole in photos, which is located right above her upper lip. She has posed for the cover of many magazine with her beauty marks adding to her beauty nonchalantly!

12. Lggy Azalea

13 Famous Celebs with Freakiest Birthmarks
Image Source: zig.com


An Australian rapper, singer, songwriter, model, and television personality Lggy are well known for her moles and body type. According to Azalea “girls need to accept themselves. If they find themselves beautiful, it’ll radiate off them and others will believe it”.

13. Marilyn Monroe

13 Famous Celebs with Freakiest Birthmarks
Image Source: biography.com


American actress, model, and singer Marilyn Monroe used to draw attention to the mole near her mouth by darkening it with makeup — and it was usually called a beauty mark in the icon’s case. We agree with you Marilyn, and we also think your birthmark on the face made you sexier.

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