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Will this Air Pollution Problem in India be able to Solve Through the World’s Largest Air Purifier?

Air Pollution has become a severe problem in a major developing country like India and China. A Delhi based start-up has developed ‘world’s largest air purifier’ and claims to solve the issue of air pollution in India. Will this solution be able to beat Air Pollution?

Let’s have a look at the entire scenario.

Solution air pollution with world largest air purifier
Image Source: Outlook India


From last few years, air pollution in China has become a serious issue. To minimize air pollution effects, China developed the world’s largest air purifier with an aim to create an efficient and cost-effective method of improving air quality.

The project was launched in the year 2015. The tower is named The Smog Tower and has a height of 328 feet and uses ionization technology to reduce air pollution. Since its launch, the tower in Xian is making a noticeable improvement in the air quality index of the area.

Similar to China, air pollution in India has also become a serious threat. It is estimated that environmental pollution in India kills approximately 15 lac people every year. If proper actions are not taken, then this number may keep increasing. Due to this, in India environmental pollution is the fifth largest killer.

Delhi has become a significant victim of the air pollution effects.

Air Pollution in Delhi world largest air purifier
Image Source: Zee News


At the time of writing, Air Quality Index (AQI) is at the level of 373 which is considered hazardous. In Delhi, bad quality of air has damaged lungs of 22 lac people which is equivalent to 50% of all the children living in Delhi.

Very high level of traffic, traffic jams are one of the leading causes of air pollution. Large-scale industrial construction projects also cause a lot of noise pollution and air pollution. The increasing population of the city is also responsible for increasing levels of air pollution. The bigger the community, higher the garbage and thus due to lack of proper waste management air pollution keeps rising.

To combat with air pollution, a start-up based in Delhi called Kurin Systems took inspiration from China’s Smog Tower project and came up with an idea of ‘City Cleaner.’ It is solar powered large air purifier tower which cleans the air around it. As it is solar powered, it is environment-friendly and doesn’t cause damage to our environment in any way.

Kurin Systems also got a patent to build ‘world’s largest and strongest air purifier.’ The tower named City Cleaner is 40 feet tall and 20 feet wide. It has a total of 48 fans which cover the 360-degree area to clean air around it. It is capable of cleaning 1.3 million cubic meters air every hour.

The tower is using nine stages of HEPA filters. The company says that with the help of 48 fans and their physical filters the tower will be able to clean as much as 99.99% pollution from the air. The tower is capable of providing clean air to approximately 75,000 people.

As per the report, the air cleaner is estimated to cost from Rs. 1.75 crores to Rs. 2 crores per unit. The company will start their project after getting approval from the government.

The price will be justifiable if the largest and strongest cleaner they are advertising, becomes effective, reduces air pollution and brings air quality index back to normal level.

What are your thoughts on the City Cleaner developed by Kurin Systems? Do you think the company will be able to deliver what they are promising?

Let us know your take on it in the comment section down below.

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