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What are its citizens to do for the betterment of society, this is an example of these 6 social initiatives

There is a lot of pollution in Delhi, why does the government do nothing?

There is a lot of water in Bangalore, why does the government do nothing?

Ganga has become very dirty, why does not the government do anything?

You must have heard or have similar tweet to these comments. The government is of any party, We only hold the government responsible for all the problems surrounding us. But what we do to fight those problems? Imagine, the answer will definitely be…

If the answer was not found. So, understand that we do nothing other than just telling the truth to the government on our side. Pollution, cleanliness … These problems can improve only when we do anything from our side for the betterment of society and do not trust the government’s plans.

There are many instances in our midst where people have made the impossible possible together.

1. Versova Beach Clean Up, Mumbai

Image Source : CNN

There will hardly be anybody who has not heard about this campaign. There was a time when it was possible to dive into plastic on the Versova Beach and now the surroundings of this beach has changed completely. reason? The stubbornness of the Mumbaiians, the stubbornness of making their beaches beautiful for the betterment of society. In 2 years, Mumbai has made such a splash in the middle that now the Sea Turtles are coming back here. In the meantime, 5.3 million kilograms of garbage was raised in 21 months and even today, Mumbai residents are keeping a close watch on this.

2. Mission Gange

Image Source : CNBC

So far, several thousand crores have been spent in the cleaning of Ganga. The existing government also created a separate ministry. Despite all this, we are well aware of what the present condition of the Ganges is. The example set by ‘Mission Gange’ among these proves that the Ganga cleaning is difficult, but for the betterment of society nothing is impossible. Under the leadership of Bachendri Pal, 40 people traveled from Gurdas to Haridwar to Patna. Hundreds of people were connected with 40 people and during the month, 55 tons of garbage was cleared from the Ganga.

3. Himalayan Clean Up 2018

Image Source : NDTV

Many people in 12 hilly cities started a cleaning campaign on May 26. The motive was, spread awareness. Garbage was removed from 245 places in 12 cities The main objective was to ‘remove plastic from the mountains’. Government and non-governmental organizations worked together in this campaign. Hundreds of kilograms of garbage was raised in this campaign. The organization Waste Warriors also participated in this campaign. This organization raised 571 kgs from Dehradun, 288 kg from Dharamsala, 128 kilogram garbage from Corbett. Now if you can be so clearer in 1 day cleaning, then what will happen if you increase your participation?

4. Chennai Coastal Clean Up

Image Source : CNN

Once a year, thousands of people clean up the beaches of Chennai, coastal areas once a year. These thousands of people include IT company employees, school and college children. 90% of the waste collected by Chennai Coastal Clean Up is recycled.

5. Cleansing of Triund Trek

Image Source : CNN

Triund Trek is one of the favorite Treks of Trekkers. Of course, at every step on this trek, humans will have left their signs (plastic bottles, cans etc.) in abundance too. 30 Volunteers of the Voluntary Institution, Waste Warriors, cleans the garbage of 30 thousand tourists coming in this track route.

6. Plantation Drives

Image Source : CNN

Plantation Drives are run in villages, towns, schools, colleges, offices, everywhere. The plants planted somewhere are given attention and somewhere they are left on the basis of nature.

There are so many such examples around us. People have made possible the impossible on their own. Can the countrymen of the country, who took the broom up to the Prime Minister, together do not preserve nature? can we not do this simple things for betterment of society Some people argue that the government is not doing anything, okay. You do Take care not only for your own house but also the surrounding areas. Do not throw the garbage on the road and throw it at the place of garbage.

It’s not that much hard work. With such a small effort, our environment will be worth living.

So, what new initiative you will take to make our India more beautiful and Incredible. Share your views with us !! Comment below !!

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