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Whale Starves to death in Philippines due to 40kg of plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is the reason behind Whale's death.

The dying whale is certainly bigger news for the pollution experts than anything else. Recently, a whale died due to starvation and plastic pollution in the seashore of the Philippines. According to the activists, the whale had eaten plastics, spreading poison across the body. The stomach of the whale had been full of plastic trash.

The environmentalists have stated that the Philippines has been engaged in utilization and throwing the plastics more as compared to others around the world. They called the place as one of the “world’s biggest ocean polluters” ever. They also stated that the plastic waste kills sea life.

The actual news for you

whale dies due to plastic pollution
Image Source: Facebook/Darrell Blatchley


The ocean pollution level has risen high that shows how sea level animals and fishes are suffering. Recently, the agencies have confirmed that a whale had died due to the problem back in Compostela Valley. The whale had been stranded earlier a day ago in the same place due to poison and accumulation of plastics in the stomach.

The marine species like a whale was found starving because of the lack of food. Instead, the stomach was full of plastic trash that made it difficult for the whale to even move an inch.

According to the experts, the necropsy examination had to be conducted of the dead whale’s body to know the truest cause of death. It was conducted by D’Bone Collector Museum Inc.’s director, Darrell Blatchley.

“It’s very disgusting and heartbreaking,” added Blatchley, ”We’ve done necropsies on 61 dolphins and whales in the last 10 years and this is one of the biggest (amounts of plastic) we’ve seen.”

According to the experts, the plastic weighed about 40 kg that includes both the rise sacks and grocery bags. It also included shopping bags, 16 rice sacks, and banana plantation bags. It shows the level of rising plastic pollution around the world, especially in the water.

The stranded whale was about 15.4 feet long. However, the fishermen and locals tried to get it back in the ocean and the attempt failed. The animal couldn’t even swim because of extreme weakness. This was because the ocean has tonnes of waste plastic products.

Fatma Idris, regional bureau director, said to AFP, “It could not swim on its own, emaciated and weak.” The director further added, “Animal was dehydrated. On the second day, it struggled and vomited blood.”

More about plastic pollution

whale dies due to eating 40kg plastic waste
Image Source: Independent


Certainly, the individuals in the town were shocked by the news. The officials had stated a week ago that the individuals in the entire Philippines used about 60 billion plastic sachets in a single year. The announcement was made in order to find plastic pollution solutions faster but the news stuck with the individuals more.

Even though the garbage disposal laws are strict in the place, you would not see the residents following them effectively.

The problem of a whale dying due to plastic has only increased over the years. Last year, a similar case occurred when 6 kgs of plastic were discovered in the stomach of a sperm whale in Indonesia. Another whale was found dead due to having accumulated 80 bags of plastic in Thailand.

Other animals and aquatics also suffer because of plastic waste in the ocean. For instance, a green turtle died back in 2018 due to the same problem. Certainly, several aquatic creatures die due to plastic each year.

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