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Virtal Kohli wore Camouflage cap during the toss today as a national tribute to the Martyrs

Indian Cricketers decided to give national tribute to the Indian army and their family members that suffered due to Pulwama attack

Pulwama attack terrorized the world, especially the families of the Martyred Indian army. Even though the government came up with specific plans, the cricketers decided to pay a special and national tribute today.

The tribute plays an important role today since it is the woman’s day. The females of the army families would specifically feel valued and cared that have been suffering from separation from their husbands or sons. This is the truest way to celebrate and honor the woman’s day internationally.

What’s the news?

At first, MS Dhoni handed over the camouflage cap to Virat Kohli before the tossing began today. Virat Kohli went for the toss while wearing this specific cap, and India won. Still, they urged for Australia to bat first.

The Indian Army is currently playing against Australian team members in Ranchi wearing the same camouflage cap in the third ODI. In such a way, the Indian Army started to pay tribute to the individual fallen Army officers in the Pulwama attack.

Virat Kohli said, “This is a special cap, it’s a tribute to the Armed forces.

Along with that, the Indian Army would also be paying or more likely donating the match fee that will be obtained after playing this particular match. They will donate the money to the National Defence Fund. The money will further be used by the government to help the Martyr’s family.

Virat Added during the toss, “We’re all donating our match fees of this game to the families of the martyrs. I urge everyone in the country to do the same and stick to the families of our armed forces.”

Before the actual match started, Virat Kohli urged the Indians to donate some money to the National Defence Fund for the Army.

Twitter response

Twitter fans got blissful after hearing the news about how the Indian Army decided to pay tribute and donate the fees to the families. The Indian fans desire that the cricketers should win the match not for the country this time, but they would do this for those martyred army officers.

The Ex Indian Army is also happy to see how the Indian Cricketers strive to pay this unique tribute today.

Several fans are proud of Indian Cricketers for this particular act.

The respect seems to rise higher after this attempt

Dhoni wearing the cap while taking initiative of a national tribute

Do you also feel proud of the Indian Army after seeing this pic?

Indians are specifically proud of Cricketers for the initiative taken by them today in the form of a national tribute. The match is still on, and your favorite team members will be found playing in the field with the camouflage cap. They would also give away their fee to the Martyr’s family. The Indian cricketers also urge you to donate some money to the families and needy people. Would you do it?

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