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Upcoming Fitness Events all around the world that will blow your mind

Upcoming fitness events are meant to make your exercising and fitness life amazing

Fitness events have largely attracted the attention of individuals around the world today. The productive start of 2019 states how fitness events can surpass that of past years’ efforts. Upcoming fitness events are on the board for those who have made a similar resolution.

The best way to head on with the fitness is to ensure that you are participating in a similar event. Fitness events can make you fit and provide you with appropriate knowledge. It can be the best way for you to deal with your weight and fulfil the ultimate resolution.

To keep up with it, the following list of upcoming events can take you in another world full of excitement and exercise.

Sea Otter Classic

The primary event is based on the cycling exercise where you would be competing with other people. This cycling festival is specifically meant to be competitive and thrilling as well. This event is famous all across the world today among fans.

The bicycling sport started back in 1991, and it is held every year in the Spring in California. The event goes on for four primary days. The best thing is that both the professionals and amateurs can participate in the event. Every year, nearly about 70,000 amateurs and 10,000 experts participate in this competition.

This year, the classic program will be held during the period between 11th and 14th April. You will see thousands and lakhs of fans from around the world watching the event intently. Many would participate not just to win, but to fulfil the resolution to stay fit.

Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon

This particular event is best for mountain climbers and runners or amateurs who desire to opt for it. Originally, this event started back in 1987 that had soon become the most important fitness program for the fans.

The program will be held this October along with all the fans and all the professionals. The run will be of about 23-km up the mountain. It is assumed that the mountain will be the highest in entire South Asia.

The event had started with a unique intention. The Sabah Park desired to make a group of rangers that can help the climbers that are injured. The main event was organized further in 1995 when the Sabah Tourism Board noticed the event potential and made it official.

Big Sur International Marathon

This aspect of the marathon had started initially by 1986.  At present, about 4,500 participants where the racers would race 21 miles and 5 km run. The annual marathon in California has already been famous throughout the place.

However, it takes about 6 hours to run the marathon every year. Officially, the marathon would start on 28th April 2019, precisely at 6:45 am. The official ending time of the marathon would be by 1 pm, and the routes will be open for other civilians to take over the roads.

By 11.50 am, if the individual racers failed to reach 21.2 miles, the individuals would be considered disqualified. Such aspects show how important timing is for this marathon. You might understand the value of time along with getting fit this year.

113 Triathlon Malaysia (Desaru)

This unique kind of fitness program and event is specifically meant for those of you desiring to go for three disciplines such as running, cycling, and swimming. The individuals are expected to run a few kilometres each aspect: 21 km for running, 90 km, and 2 km swimming.

Currently, the event is held in both the Philippines and Malaysia. The 113 Triathlon also connects other categories such as fun, junior, and mini races. The individuals are expected to finish appropriate distances in a certain period.

The Triathlon will be held on 6th and 7th July this year. The timing goes in between 7 am and 4 pm. You might be interested in this event if you are an expert in any of the given categories. Even if you’re a novice, you can go to this fitness event.

Standard Charted Kuala Lumpur Marathon

This particular event was established back in 1989, and since 2009, Standard Chartered Bank has been sponsoring it. Back in 2017, about 36,000 individuals participated in the marathon.

Both men and women participate in different routes in the marathon. Furthermore, the event itself has been divided into various categories including 5 km, 10 km, 21 km, and 42 km. It will be held on 29th September this year.

Several runners and even the novice would be looking forward to this event this year. If you weren’t a runner from last year’s you can still register for this event till the 15th of August. Since the slots fill pretty faster, you might be having a lesser chance at even participating in the event.

Many similar fitness events are waiting for you this year. The events are meant to energize your body and mind to make you completely fit in a way. You can either participate and witness the event from your own eyes and make sure to encourage others.

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