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Top Tech Gadgets that are going to be the Future of Next Gen!

Till now you have may surrounded with lots of technology gadgets that might be helping you a lot. Isn’t? According to a report, an average number of adult populations in the U.S. fritter around $1,200 on electronics each year. The reason behind if very simple and it is that technology is bringing innovations that are compelling humans to spend on gadgets that help in making their life easier and enjoyable in the day to day life.

Let’s take an example of Smartphones; haven’t they changed our lives in a bigger way? We know you all agree to it! But hey! Hold your breath, as we have compiled a list of a few technology gadgets that are going to be the future of next gen and they are likely to be using it.

Curious to know what is it? Let’s get started then:


Tech Gadgets of the Future


Circular Shower:

Circular shower

Gone are the days when you had to stand under the shower or dive into the swimming pool to beat the heat. If you were looking for something exceptional, new loop circular shower is your take.

It will not only add luxury to your home, but this outdoor shower system will shower the water from 360 degrees i.e. all around the circle of the system.

This unique shower system can be used both indoor as well outdoor and it comes with an assortment of functions to give you overall a multi-sensory experience.


Floating Cloud Sofa:

Floating Cloud Sofa

Second in the list comes Floating cloud sofa that is likely to be the technology gadget of the future. The sofa is basically a relaxing chair that hovers and floats above the ground level i.e. using magnets it will float in the air.

This innovative sofa is a concept that was developed a long time back and remains one of the best ideas of all times which is likely to give you an ultra-luxury feeling.

At present, this innovation is hypothetical under brain execution of D.K Wei who has won numerous awards for bringing in best furniture concepts.


Laundry Fold Machine:

Laundry Fold Machine

Another big advancement that is going to be part of every home in the near future is Laundry folding machine. This technology gadget of future will take away the boredom and task of folding clothes.

If your children have been tired of folding clothes all these years, this machine will work wonders for them. It can save several hours that are spent on folding clothes. It is set to fold a basket full of clothes in a time span of about three minutes.


Pen Printer:

Pen Printer

Have your kids being throwing stiff ink pens because they didn’t help them. Well, they won’t have to do this anymore, as pen printer has got your back.

Now abandoned pens and other stationery items will work for them in the future when they will bring this unique technology of future to their home.

The device is made in a way that it will print on a paper using surplus pens. Presently, the technology isn’t running, but in the future, it is likely to bring boundless features with it.


Transparent TV:

Transparent TV
Image Source: torrentedigital.com


No matter the above technologies become the part of your children’s future or not, but one thing is for sure that, Transparent TV are likely to hit in the future soon.

Yes, you read that right! This kind of TV will have a high level of light transmittance as compared to the ones in the panels that are used in LED/LCDs.

Wondering how the technology will work? Well, the concept is very simple and it is that it will build a screen appearing like a window, while it is in off mode. When it is set ON, it will show images. Won’t that be an amazing experience?


Bio-Gel Refrigerator:

Bio-Gel Refrigerator

Have you ever imagined a life without a fridge in a home? No? Well, no one would probably think so. However, this concept is likely to be overtaken by Bio-Gel Refrigerators.

The concept will be likely that a box will be used for cooling the food. Well, it is not coming in near future, but yes, in 2050 and it is the way, the food will be cooled.

One thing is sure that this kind of fridge is a reinvention in design that will change future generations’ lives for sure.


The Crux

Isn’t the technology augmenting so fast? Well, it is! If you too want to move with the speeding world, make sure you make effective use of the upcoming future technology by bringing it to your and adding value to it.


Have a bright future!

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