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Top 10 Popular Wildlife Photographers of the World

There is a famous quote by one of the best wildlife photographers of the world-Destin Sparks saying that “Photography is a story, I Fail to Put in Words”. Isn’t that true? For a common man, photography might be a task of seconds, but for the one who has the real sense, brings the pearl out of the ocean.

We are surrounded by beautiful and fathomless beaches, oceans, Peak Mountains, deserts that describes how beautiful the world is. And of course, how can we forget the species of flora and fauna that makes the world, the most beautiful place to live in.

When there is so much to capture around, who wouldn’t want to let that go just away.

Thankfully, photography is what comes as a savior for us so that we can keep lifetime moments with us throughout. But hey, it’s not us who can do the magic, but some real talent is needed to get the real beauty capture in the camera.

For instance, let’s discuss our wildlife. Living in the whole busy world, full of comfort and away from nature, we forget that there is so much to capture around us. It’s where photographers help us come close to nature.

Till now, you may have looked at some of the stunning pictures on the internet. But did you who those people are behind capturing the most stunning and captivating wildlife photography? No? Well, you need not wonder anymore.

We are here to help you know about the top 10 popular wildlife photographers of the world.


Let’s get started:

1. Marten Bailey:

 Marten Bailey: Popular Wildlife Photographer

The first that we will be discussing today is the photographer from Tokyo. He is one of the most popular wildlife photographers and besides that, he is a blogger, author, and a podcaster. Possessing the real passion for photography, he shapes his best knowledge to capture the finest wonders of the beautiful earth. To sight his best works, Magazines like Pomegranate, X-Rite, and Korean Air are the names that you can look in. This photographer also had his 1st solo exhibition “The Nature of Japan” held in Toyama, Tokyo in the year 2010.


2. Michael Aw:

Michael Aw: popular wildlife photographer

Michael Aw ids well known photography known for his inundated color imagery. Michael has pursued documentary photography and for which he has 65 awards in his name. His work is so fine that he is known as one of the most powerful nature photographers of the world known for his outdoor photography. In the year 2013, Aw being the first Asian was awarded NOGI by the American Academy of Underwater Art And Science (AAUAS).


3. Andy Rouse:

Andy Rouse: most popular wildlife photographer

Another big name in the list is of Andy Rouse who well known the world over for his amazing wildlife and animals and of course nature at its best. This super talented photographer has been awarded 9 times in the last 7 years and that too in the competition held by renowned BBC for Wildlife photography of the year. He is popular for his unorthodox way of taking pictures of the most dangerous animals.


4. Daniel Beltra:

Daniel Beltra: popular wildlife photographer

Awarded as Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2011, Daniel Beltra describes images in a wider angle for the audience so that they are able to see the reality in a precise way. He is known for his great aesthetic sense when it comes to conveying the idea in a better way. It’s been 2 decades that this talented photographer is traveling the world over to capture priceless memories for the millions to see.


5. Matthew Smith:

Matthew Smith: popular wildlife photographer

Known as the world renowned ocean wildlife photographer, Matthew hails from Stanwell Park, Australia. His most popular collection includes “A Parallel Universe” that is his all time favorite and successful picture that is taken half above and half below the water. It’s this picture that has made Smith one of the finest photographers in the world.


6. Connor Stefanison:

Connor Stefanison: popular wildlife photographer

Another piece of the finest photography comes from Connor Stefanison who comes from Vancouver, Canada. Residing in British Columbia, Stefanison has his mastery from learning wilderness firsthand. His achievements come from engaging himself in various outdoor activities and one among them is Mountain biking through which developed his interest in Photography. There onwards, this photographer went from being sports to nature.


7. Antoni Kasprzak:

Antoni Kasprzak: popular wildlife photographer

Antoni is another popular wildlife photographer whose name is known for delivering ‘Clash of white-tailed eagles’ that is his wonderful work of all times. To bring the best, this photographer waited long hours so that one unique moment could be captured. He has been the winner of Best Animal photos of 2008.


8. Stefano Unterthiner:

Stefano Unterthiner: popular wildlife photographer

Residing from the small town in Italy, Unterthiner has spent his early years trekking and photographing along the mountains of Aosta Valley. He was 17 when he developed the serious interest in photography and there onwards studied zoology. After obtaining Ph.D. in 2000, this brilliant photographer returned back to his town and worked as a zoologist. Along with that, he always had a camera beside him that later on made him move to the photography career.


9. Jon Cornforth:

Jon Cornforth: popular wildlife photographer

Jon’s is another famous photographer, whose images are worldwide popular for his masterpieces. He traveled all the year giving him challenges in new locations and further documenting unique creatures, he came across. Furthermore, this photographer believes in raising wildlife awareness through his luminous photography.


10. Peter Chadwick:

Peter Chadwick: popular wildlife photographer

One of the most passionate wildlife photographers, Chadwick has been awarded for astonishing photography. He is one of those who works ecosystem and environment and his work brings in voice. He believes in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem and brings such pictures that leave a mark on the people.


The Gist

Although there are many other talented photographers across the globe. But we randomly collected a few. In case, if you believe we would have mentioned any photographer that you think is outstanding with his pictures, don’t forget to mention in the leave your comment in the comment section.

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