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Top 5 Most-Awaited Ultra Luxury SUVs Not to Miss Out

A decade back did anyone of you had ever made a thought that automotive industry would bring in to you an SUV segment cars? Well, not one of us would have made that thought.

But since the first notable exception, the Lamborghini bought in surprise for everyone in late 80’s and early 90’s and was named as Rambo Lambo.

then, the idea of ultra-luxury segment cars has been one of the favorites of consumers. If taking you back three years ago, then from the most expensive SUV’s, you would have chosen from Range Rover or a brand of Mercedes, isn’t? Well, gone is the time when you had limited option, as we have brought in some of the Ultra luxury SUVs that will glue your eyes away.

So, without wasting your time, let’s get started with most eye-catching and the most reliable luxury SUV 2018 that is not to miss out:


1. Rolls Royce Cullinan:

Rolls Royce Cullinan


The first in ultra luxury SUV comes the Rolls Royce SUV that is set to have officially revealed in the United Kingdom. This SUV is fir for the producers- The Rolls Royce motors cars. The car is named after Cullinan Diamonds that is largest and the best diamond ever produced. However, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan ultra-luxury SUV is set to come in 2019, but the production is likely to begin in the second quarter of this year. This heart throbbing SUV has a sports rear ‘suicide’ doors and interiors that are quite lavishing.


2. Lamborghini Urus:

Lamborghini Urus

The second podium is Lamborghini Urus. The brand Lamborghini being the father of SUV is set to take away consumers’ focus once it makes its marketplace. If talking about the styling, then the SUV speaks a lot and not to end, the outer lining done is not only aggressive but butch as well, and in the near future is set to take on the world and become a runaway success. The interior is not less than a cockpit of a fighter plane. What else one needs to satisfy its desire for Luxury segment cars.


3. Ferrari FUV:

Ferrari FUV
Image Source: Carbuzz


Another in the list of luxury cars SUV is Ferrari FUV. Though the car won’t be named as an SUV but as an FUV, as it is Ferrari utility vehicle. Looking forward to the economy that no one can predict in the present scenario, Ferrari merely can’t stand behind in the SUV competition. Well, how consumers are going to respond to this segment car can’t be predicted, but one thing is for sure that it won’t fail the market.


4. Bentley Bentayga:

Bentley Bentayga

Next comes the Bentley Bentayga that is another most expensive SUV’s and not to miss the segment. Bentley brand has always been known for bringing in some large segment cars. As far as the upcoming Bentayga is concerned, then it is no less than an exception. Earlier, in 2017, Bentley introduced the Winged B’s that was supposed to be the first attempt to bring in world’s luxury SUV that has been an echoing success. After all, it is Bentley and extreme opulence is surely expected. Natural wood trims, best leather, and exceptional audio systems are all about this unique and best ultra large SUV.


5. Porsche Cayenne:

Porsche Cayenne

Last to the list is none other than all time favorite of many consumers’-Porsche. If talking about ultra-luxury SUV, then Porsche is nowhere behind in the list of the top luxury SUVs. It’s the third generation going on, but Cayenne remains consumers’ first choice. Though, the brand is bit expensive, but why it is just because of its luxurious interior, road performance, and an impressive CV.


The Gist

Once seen a flamboyant option, SUVs have now become a perpetual choice of the rich and well-known personalities and therefore, this list of best Luxury SUVs 2018 is amust-havee for anyone seeking to buy a new segment SUV.

Although the SUV’s are not far away from its launch in the market showrooms, it’s never too early to prepare yourself and make your mind to buy the best one.

So, what are you waiting? Show your love for these ultra luxurious segments SUV’s and hit the showrooms when it lands in the market.

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