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Tigers are on brink to Extinct, Seriously a Serious issue!

Tiger’s extinction has been a matter of worry for all of us on this earth, don’t you agree? Want to know why? Although the world around, you may find a variety of creatures but a tiger is one of our planet’s most notorious creatures. But did you know Tigers are on a verge of getting endangered? Believe or not, but that’s the stunning truth which most of the people around the globe are not aware of.

Wildlife on the globe has been adapting to numerous climatic amendments over many ages, where many creatures perished while a few managed to survive. But one of the species that managed to overcome all the obstructions and found their livelihood is none other than Tigers.

Yes, you read that right! Tigers are one of the subtle creatures in the world that have made people think about their existence mystery. No one has even able to make out that for how long these creatures have been living on earth.

According to a report, Wild Tigers’ number has dropped by over 95% since the start of the twentieth century. Presently, in preservation history, there were a lot of talks about Tigers extinction, but surprisingly, their numbers are set to increase.

Wildlife departments are doing their best to help twofold the number of wild Tigers to more than 6,000 by the year 2022. It is the following Chinese year of the tiger. In the last few years, protection work and the dedication of different governments have stopped the decrease in worldwide tiger numbers. Besides that, there’s significantly more work to do.


Facts about Tigers that you probably didn’t know

fact about tigers

  • Characteristic stripes of Tigers help them to hide in nature. It also gives them the advantage to hide while hunting their prey.
  • You will be surprised to know that no 2 Tigers will have same stripes.
  • If you think animals can’t swim, then here comes a baffling fact about Tigers and it is that they are fabulous swimmers and can swim athwart 6 to 8 km in lakes or wide rivers.
  • These predators not only hunt but can eat huge preys such as deer, Pigs, zebra, rhinos, etc. they have a very strong digestive system which helps them have a fast metabolism.
  • Last but not the least is this that Tigers are the loneliest marauders on the earth, as they usually go alone for hunting and that too during the night.
  • Tigers’ subspecies belong to North Korea, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, and South Korea. These subspecies are namely South China Tiger, Siberian Tiger, Malayan Tiger, Bengal Tiger, Sumatran Tiger, and Indochinese Tiger.
  • They can jump up to the level of 11 feet i.e. 3.3 meters and weigh around 660 pounds i.e. 300 kilograms.


Why is it important to save Tigers?

Save tigers
Image Source: indianexpress.com


Just like other predators, they are helpful in keeping the environment healthy. It plays an imperative role in the diversity and health of the environment. Tigers are the top-notch predators that are at the peak of the food chain and keep a check on the population of wild animals in check. Thus, helping in maintaining the balance between the vegetation and prey herbivores ahead of which they feed.


Why are Tigers endangered?

Tigers endangered
Image Source: South China Morning Post


One of the reasons why they became endangered is because of poaching, to obtain their body parts, meat, pelts and of course, loss of habitat from logging and another kind of destructions caused to the forests. It is something why we should still worry about Tigers.


What can we do to save Tigers?

How to save Tigers?
Image Source: desertillusion.blogspot.com


Despite knowing that Tigers are on the verge of getting extinct, people on the earth aren’t doing anything. This is something a cause of worry and needs to take some immediate actions. There are many things that you can do to protect them by following the below steps:

  1. By becoming a defender of their life, you can do a lot for the Big Cats. Spread your voice among people who end up being cruel. You can also publish various articles about Tigers’ extinction conveying people why we need to save Tigers.
  2. Raise your voice against the killers who are involved in poaching and bring them behind bars. It is an important step that you can take, as it will put those people under alert who plan to take such cruel action.
  3. Becoming a responsible tourist can help them live a peaceful life. You should not disturb them and make their area polluted. To help them more, you can follow the guidelines given by forest department while visiting any forest areas.
  4. There is a famous saying “Don’t leave anything in the back except your footsteps. Don’t take anything except memories.”
  5. Say no to trade of Tigers by rejecting to purchase parts and items prepared from Tigers’ derivative.


The verdict

Tigers are in crises and it’s vital to join hands to save them before they become extinct. If the world was aware of tiger’s dilemma, they would surely have come together to save this wonderful creature on the earth. But that’s not the end yet! You can still do a bit to save them.

Follow these guidelines and make them live peacefully live on the earth. Show your keen participation by spreading the awareness and letting people know why their support is important effort they can put to save the tiger from extinction.

Already wildlife conservation departments and specialists have been working hard to save them and protect their habitat, but it won’t accomplish much without sufficient resources, as it is quite pricey to examine enforce of anti-poaching regulations.

So, join hands and do something for Tigers- World’s pride animal.

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