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Those 11 secret things of Big Boss season 12, which neither know its fines, nor its enlighteners

The Big Boss Season 12 is Famous on TV and gain more popularity due to its amazing contestants. Even if you have not seen this show, even then you will know this through the debates on places like office, college, bus. But here i  am going to tell you  many secret things of Big Boss Season 12 which are also unaware of those who followed the Big Boss religiously.


1.Entry test at home

Before entering the Big Boss house, the contestant has to spend a few days in solitude. His behaviour is tested there. It is also seen that he is able to entertain the audience or not.

2. Hair dryer

Although many things are forbidden but many would be surprised to know that the hairdresser can not be taken in the Big Boss house as there is a lot of noise.

3.Book and idols of God

If the competitor will read the book within the house, then how to entertain the audience. That’s why you can not take the book. The reason for not taking God’s idol in the house is to avoid controversies.

4.Cigarette supply

Cigarettes are delivered to the participants every two to three days. Because on Indian TV they can not be seen smoking cigarettes, they have to go alone in a closed room and drink cigarettes. Because alone there, two participants did not talk to each other, which could not be shown on TV.

5.Insects bug

There are so many worms inside the house that there is a spraying of pesticides at fixed intervals.

6.No clock at home

Participants are difficult to guess the time. There is no clock in the house. The clocks that appear in the house are not of any use. With the voice of Azan coming from outside, they guesses the time.

7. Crew members’ presence

According to Big Boss contestants, they hear the crew members present there each and every time.

8. General food


Participants present in the house are provided with general ingredients for cooking. Meat, chicken, many types of spices are not available in it. Contestants has to complete the Luxury Budget Task.

9. You are in the eye of the camera


In addition to the track room from Robocam to the track room, there are a total of 90 cameras to record all activities throughout the house. The camera is not present in the toilet and bathroom for reasonable reasons.

10.Home of Mirror

The Big Boss house has a lot of mirrors but it is meant to deceive. Most of the mirrors are behind the cameras. Many times when participants are watching themselves, they actually look at the camera.

11.The Ghost house

If you listen to things, then some people consider the house of the Big Boss as ghost. Some crew members have said that they saw a woman’s shadow roaming in the house.

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