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Terms of Use


These Standard Terms and Conditions composed on this website would control your use of this website. These Terms will be applied completely and influence the use of this Website. With the use of this Website, you consent to acknowledge all terms and conditions written in here. However, you should not use this Website in any case, if you contradict to any of the Website Standard Terms and Conditions.

NOTE: Minors or people below 18 years old are barred from using this Website.

Intellectual Property Rights

Apart from the content you possess, under these Terms, Bubbling Jelly and/or its licensors possess all the protected property rights and materials contained on the Website. You are conceded a restricted permit only for purposes of surveying the content provided on this Website.


You are restricted explicitly from the below mentioned:

  • To publish any website content on any other media
  • Sublicensing and/or Selling or commercializing any Website content
  • Overtly performing and/or showing any Website content
  • Use this Website in a way that should not cause any kind of damage to this Website;
  • Use the website in a way that affect user access to this Website
  • Utilizing this Website opposing to pertinent laws and regulations, or in a way that may harm the Website, or to a business entity or an individual.
  • Involvement in any data harvesting, data mining, data extracting or any other comparable doings on this Website
  • Utilizing the Website for partaking in any advertising or marketing.

Certain areas of this Website are restricted from being access by you and Bubbling Jelly may further limit the right to use by you to any section of the Website, any time, in absolute judgment. Any user ID/password you may have on this Website are confidential and you must uphold the privacy.

1. Your Content

In criterion Terms and Conditions of the website, “Your Content” will mean any video text, audio, images or other content that you choose to exhibit on this Website. By demonstrating your Content, you endow BubblingJelly.com, a non-exclusive, global, unalterable, sub-licensable permit to use, imitate, familiarize yourself, publish, interpret and share among the media.

Your Content should be your own and should, in any case, invade any third-party’s rights. Bubbling Jelly shall reserve the rights to take away Your Content from this Website at any time without giving prior notice.

2. No warranties

This Website as it seems to be is with all deficiencies and Bubbling Jelly articulates no guarantees or portrayals of any kind recognized with the Website or the contents enclosed on this Website. Likewise, nothing contained on this Website will be translated rapidly to you.

3. Limitation of liability

In no occasion will Bubbling Jelly, nor any of its officers, chiefs, and workers will be held at risk for anything emerging out of or in any capacity associated with your utilization of this Website whether such obligation is under contract. Foaming Jelly, including its officers, executives, and representatives will not be held at risk for any circuitous, significant or uncommon obligation emerging out of or in any capacity identified with your utilization of this Website.

4. Assurance

You hereby assure to the fullest level Bubbling Jelly, from and against any and/or all legal responsibilities, demands, costs, damages, causes of action,  and charges arising in any way related to your violation of any of the requirements of these Terms.

5. Severability

If any case, these terms are found to be untrue under any applicable law, such provisions shall be obliterated without affecting the remaining provisions herein.

6. Variation of Terms

Bubbling Jelly is legitimate to amend these Terms at any time as it needs. You hereby when going through the Website are expected to check these Terms on a regular basis.

7. Assignment

The Bubbling Jelly is allowed to allocate, move, and delegate its rights and/or obligations under the mentioned Terms and that too without giving any prior notification. However, you can’t allot, transfer, or subcontract any of your rights or obligations under the mentioned Terms.

8. Entire Agreement

These Terms comprises of the entire agreement between you and Bubbling Jelly about your usage of this Website and supplant all prior agreements and understandings.

9. Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms will be managed by and construed by State Laws, and you agree to the state’s non-exclusive jurisdiction and federal courts for the resolution in case of any disputes.

If you have any queries about this Agreement, please contact us.