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Mind blowing products and services by Apple you have never seen before

The company decided to keep the Apple fans excited by doing this on Monday

This Monday, Apple made big news by providing updates about new products and announcements. The company has already been famous for bringing out exciting updates every now-and-then.

People had been excited to hear what Apple has kept in store for the individuals. Certainly, the company wanted to surprise the individuals after the launch of new services and facilities such as Apple Pay and others.

Video streaming service

One of the aspects that were told about this Monday involves the video streaming service. The aspect has many exclusive features available just for you. Now, you don’t have to rely on television and YouTube for watching your favorite shows. You can even have new series and shows that will be specifically created for the Apple platform, just like Amazon.

The service will be available on iOS, tvOS, and MacOS. The company is also striving to upgrade the feature for smart TVs for brands such as Sony, VIZIO, Samsung, and LG.

Even though Apple did not reveal anything about shows and new series, the company hints that they are in progress. The shows will be aired on the Apple platform in 100+ countries. However, like Netflix, you will be given a free month before you try and fill the bill.

Gaming platform

Image Source: TechCrunch


The company has also thought about the gamers and updated the news about the new product: Arcade platform. Avid gamers can use this service to play unlimited games. The company will be starting with adding another section for the arcade in the Apple store. Here, the users will be allowed to pay a certain amount and purchase games to play.

However, the games will be limited to firm devices only. You can use aspects such as tvOS, macOS, and iOS.

By this fall, you will see the new platform in over 150+ countries. You won’t have to get ads and in-app purchases if you subscribe to the Apple Arcade.

Apple Card

Image Source: iLounge


The company partnered with Goldman Sachs and released credit card of its own. Apple has to rely on the network of Mastercard payment. You can use the apple wallet application on your iPad or iPhone for this.

However, the service is available only in the US market and nowhere else. The customers will not be charged anything for this. The company will add Apple card will directly add to the wallet app.

The users will be able to get cash directly in the Apple wallet every day. The user would not have any limit for getting cash a single day. The particular service will be available in 40+ countries.

News+ feature

Apple News+
Image Source: business standard


The launch has already been done in Canada and the users are urged to pay about some amount a month of $9.99. In this paid news subscription, you will get news from the top publishers at a fixed price a month.

However, the service will give you a subscription of more than 300 magazines. You can even download them in the paid version. You would not get any advertisement while using the app.

The company has decided to make it big this time by planning to launch many services at once. They are certainly trying to overcome the possible competition around the world today.

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