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Scientists develop the Contraceptive Jewellery to prevent unwanted pregnancies

A unique drug you can try in the name of Contraceptive Jewellery to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Earrings are a critical part of women life. Several individuals try on costly earrings to look attractive. What if I tell you an earring can do much more for you than just alluring attention of others?

Did you ever hear about contraceptive earrings?

You heard it right! A piece of jewellery can solve your problem of pregnancy. It is a New Family Planning Approach that can make your life better. Such aspects show how much the technological aspect has developed.

What is Contraceptive Jewellery?

An ornament that can be used as one of the methods of family planning is Contraceptive Jewellery. Scientists have recently developed an earring that can help you in the hormone level. The experts say that the contraceptive hormones will be absorbed through ears in this case.

However, the professionals have not attempted human trials yet. The earrings were attached to the respective ears of pigs and rats without hair. The results show that those earrings could produce and induce the required amount of contraceptive hormones in the animals’ bodies.

Georgia Tech said, “The contraceptive Jewellery may deliver sufficient amounts of hormone to provide contraception.”

Three individuals, Laura O’Farrell, Mark Prausnitz, and Mohammad Mofidfar were all responsible for making this dream come true.

The contraceptive device was added to the animals’ earrings for about 14 hours a day. Thereafter, they put it to rest for more likely 8 hours. The scientists observed that the level of contraceptive hormones was reduced. However, the needed amount of it was still present in the hosts’ bodies respectively.

Effects and benefits of the Contraceptive Jewellery

An earring is shown paired with a transdermal patch backing.
Image Source: www.news.gatech.edu


According to Prof. Mark Prausnitz, “Because putting on jewellery may already be part of a woman’s daily routine, this technique may facilitate compliance with the drug regimen.”

Furthermore, a paper was also published concerning the topic. “This is especially true for contraceptive hormones, which provide almost perfect prevention of pregnancy when used correctly, but have significant failure rates in typical use, due largely to poor adherence.” the paper says.

The Contraceptive Jewellery was made in a way similar to the transdermal patch technology. This particular technique was used to stop the sickness from travelling. Other aspects also include menopause symptoms and quit smoking.

According to the Authors of the journal on Contraceptive Jewellery, “We conclude that pharmaceutical jewellery can provide a novel method of drug delivery, especially for contraceptive hormones, that has the potential to improve acceptability and increase medication adherence.”

“The advantage of incorporating contraceptive hormone into a universal earring back is that it can be paired with many different earrings. A woman could acquire these drug-loaded earring backs and then use them with various earrings she might want to wear.” said Prof Prausnitz.

Drugs in the earrings

The scientists believe this to be the best option for women intending to stop unwanted pregnancies. Ladies can especially fulfil individual needs using the newest technology. It is an effective and safest way for contraceptive family planning.

Drug administration, according to the professionals, can become a unique and most effective way for human life. You can pair the contraceptive patches with any other Jewellery.

“There is a lot of experience with making and using conventional transdermal patches.” Prof. Prausnitz added, “We are taking this established technology, making the patch smaller and using Jewellery to help apply it.”

He says that the use of earrings can enhance the transdermal patches scope in the medicinal world today.

Even though contraception methods seem promising, the human trials are yet to begin. However, for women, it might be more effective than the unwanted pregnancy pills.

What do you think about this unique aspect? Would you go ahead and purchase it at once?

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