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Know more about sankalp patra that was launched just three days prior to Lok-Sabha elections

Sankalp patra has been launched by the government few hours ago.

Vision document or sankalp patra has just been released as a manifesto for the upcoming elections. The manifesto was given the name ‘sankalp patra’. Senior members of the party were present at that time making about 75 pledges. The 7 phased Lok-sabha elections are merely 3 days ahead now.

During the launch, PM Modi had been specifically present. He said, “Nationalism is our inspiration, governance our mantra,” He also added, “BJP’s ‘sankalp patra’ + aims to make India a developed nation by 2047, on completion of 100 years of Independence.”

According to the members present there, the sankalp patra has been the expectation list of Indians for BJP.

More about the Sankalp Patra

According to the Union home minister, the government is committed to serving the people and nationalism. They are likely to hold zero tolerance at terrorism.

Furthermore, construction of Sri Ram Temple is the first priority for the government in Ayodhya. For that, alternative options will also be considered. According to Singh, Citizenship Amendment Bill will be passed in Parliament appropriately.

In the next 5 years, BJP planned to commission Rs. 25 lakhs for the rural development. Farmers will get 6,000 income on an yearly basis. Also, the farmers above 60 years of age will be getting an extra pension.

Primary resolutions

The government would like to create new opportunities by bringing in strategies needing collateral free credit worth 50 lakhs. Also, the government would ensure to make individuals aware of the addiction to drugs by launching programs and treatment procedures.

A seed startup fund will be released to encourage the startup of business. This fund will be worth Rs. 20 thousand crores. Other than that, the promised benefits of Mudra loan will also be given to about 300 million individuals.

They promised to have tight security on the border for appropriate defence. The government stated how they are taking strict actions against the left wing extremism. PM Modi also focuses on enhancing the income of the farmers double by 2022.

A new program, ‘nal se jal’ will be on the force to provide appropriate water facility to the households by 2024. Also, every villagers and individual in India will be connected with the optic fibre network.

Reuse and proper disposal of liquid wastewater will continue to take place. By 2030, India will become the third largest economy around the world. The estimated economy will be $10 trillion by 2032.

The estimation is made that the income tax will be lower where honest payers shall be rewarded. GST system will be simplified ultimately. By 2024, the government is planning to invest about Rs. 100 Lakh crores.

The similar expectation list was made by the government just before the final Lok-sabha elections this year.

What do you think about this estimated proposal?

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