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Russia’s Stadium Face Unsure Future following FIFA World Cup!

The 21st FIFA world cup finals came to an end. The match that was held between France and Croatia was quite enthralling with France capturing the world cup trophy for the second time giving a defeat to Croatia with 4-2.

The matches that were started in June last month gave the audience a full on entertainment. Surely this world cup could never be the same in the near future.

France took away the most precious gift for its fans the day after Bastille Day. Why not, they deserve that so. They gave a controversial yet remarkable performance against the defeating team Croatia.

In simple terms, the final FIFA world cup match was a breathless encounter held between France and Croatia. 

To secure its eminence to be the best World Cup the tournament ever needed an unforgettable ending that France proved with its win. It was the 31st festival day of football and so far the highest-scoring final since last time when England defeated West Germany by a margin of 4-2 in the year 1966. They came back home singing football’s coming home.

After winning the world cup, France now owns an 18-carat gold trophy having a size of 14 inches and 11lb for the second time in 20 years. For all the world cup wows, Russia had overall spent a whopping $4 billion from arena construction to refurbishment for the month-long entertainment that came to an end with memories forever.

Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin understood that the legacy of his FIFA world cup would be partly judged looking at the fate of the stadiums, thus determined to bring the property to good use.

The dominant leader of Russian country, Putin from the past 2 decades has become amazingly emotional. Putin made regional bosses freeze their mouth by stating that “I want to address colleagues from the regions.” “No matter what, you cannot allow these venues to turn into some sort of markets like those in the mid-1990s.”


FIFA World Cup: The Story behind Russia’s Uncertain Future

Russia's Stadium
Image Source: CNN


The esteemed trails of the Soviet sport have come in the era of Russia’s independence in the 1990’s looking messy and flowing cash.

Russia was stalled in scarcity and the only way to pay for maintenance of Luzhniki was by boxing off space to unreliable merchants who set up booths crossways its vast grounds.

It aroused as the hideous symbol of Russia’s troubles until being frayed down in the year 2011 and copiously reconstructed keeping its focus on the World Cup.


What Putin Promised?

Putin  at FIFA World Cup
Image Source: NewsATW


The match stadiums that begin to remind you of Luzhniki as it was in the 1990’s will remind neighborhoods of the amount that Putin spent extravagantly showing off how his nation, Russia could flawlessly conduct the most complex event in the world.

Having a spin around the 11 swarmed cities implies that almost all 12 stadiums are struggling around. Only left are 6 who have teams performing in the Premier League that football buffs are agreeable to pay any amount to watch.

In the last season, an average attendance in the lowest FNL division where 5 world cup teams perform was last observed as 2029 in number. So far, premier league matches are drawing 12-13000 and all but two of the novel and reconstructed fields have a minimum of 44K seats.


FIFA World Cup Russia 2018: Missing Enormous Crowd

Russia's Stadium Missing Enormous Crowd

Provincial establishments informed the “Kommersant business daily” that managing the novel and reconstructed amenities would cost them up to $100 million per year.

Looking forward, the federal government aims to apportion around $200 million to aid teams and local bureaucrats cover the cost spent.

However, the so-called money would be paid in almost 5 years and used for the betterment, future, and development of youth football and to the other expenses. So, what industry experts are saying is that the appeal of going to the new stadiums helps in boosting tickets sales somewhat.


What is the Solution?

An unusual ban from Putin’s side on flea marketplaces has shot down the proposal that has been reportedly considered by Vladimir Volkov who is a Saransk governor. However, what AECOM thinks is that the outlays wisdom will get determined not through Football but via economy of Russia and how Russia’s Economy and wide geopolitical circumstances have been fair.


The Crux

Russia has been full of controversies, racism, discrimination, and politics but players like Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, hopes have been alive for the better future of the country.

After the entire world over fans love to watch these players perform and fever is nowhere about to fade in the near future amid next football match.

So, we can say that the future of Russia is nearly safe. With a strong audience, we can still hope to have outstandingly better performances in 2022’s FIFA world cup Match.

All we can wish is heartiest congratulations to the proud team France!

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