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The Rafale Deal accusations: Was it really another propaganda?

The Rafale Deal accusations by Rahul Gandhi went viral today and you'll read everything about it here

You might be aware of the trending news by now: the Rafale Deal news. The news articles and television shows are packed up with news bulletin are filled with this. Do you, however, have the desire to know what it actually is?

Social media shows quite a surprising debate. Both the sides are keen on attacking each other based on accusations made. The truth, however, is hidden from the eyes of everyone. This article would highlight important factors that can make your eyes wide open.

What is the Rafale Deal?

Earlier, PM Modi announced the deal back in 2015. Originally, the contract stated that the country would purchase 126 multi-role combat aircraft. Later, the Prime Minister of India changed the deal to 36 Rafale fighter jets worth 7.8 billion Euros or Rs. 58,000 crore. Apparently, the previous deal had been quite costly for the country.

During the entire deal, however, the critical information about the pricing and the component used stayed hidden. According to the government, such a piece of information could prove to be bad for Indian security.

Allegations made

Congress President called PM Modi a thief to rob off about Rs. 30,000 crore money. His accusations were based on the Rafale Deal the Hindu picture:

Apparently, he said in a press conference live today, “PM Modi himself robbed Air Force’s Rs. 30,000 crore and gave to Anil Ambani, we have been raising this issue for over a year. Now a report has come where Defence Ministry officials say that PM was holding parallel negotiations with France Govt.”

Rahul Gandhi wanted an inquiry against the case. He further said, “We have been raising this since 1 year. Now a report has come where Defence Ministry officials say that the PM was holding parallel negotiations with France government.”

The actual case

The accusations were made just because the critical information about the features and technology of Rafale stayed hidden. According to Arup Raha, the former chief of air staff, the deal of 36 aircraft was cheaper as compared to the previous proposal.

In the earlier proposal, the government had not included the cost of aircraft maintenance, training, and other important facilities.

The most important thing that you can observe is the Rafale Deal the Hindu pic itself. You can see the original page of the deal below:

More from ANI:

When opposition urged the government for pricing details, this is what the Court had to say:

“Suffice it to say that as per the price details, the official respondents claim there is a commercial advantage in the purchase of 36 Rafale aircraft. The official respondents have claimed that there are certainly better terms in IGA qua the maintenance and weapon package. It is certainly not the job of this Court to carry out a comparison of the pricing details in matters like the present. We say no more as the material has to be in a confidential domain.”

The response of the public on Twitter

You can observe a mixed response from both sides. Some of the people stated by posting against PM Modi after the Press Conference went live:


Many people like the following tweet congratulated Rahul Gandhi for his words.


This one called PM Modi a darpok (meaning afraid)


Last but not least:


Certainly, the PM Modi supporters also decided to turn the events and show the true face to the world.

This really wasn’t fair journalism.


I have had this question too


She is asking Rahul Gandhi to grow up!


Another reaction:


This was surely another propaganda


Last but not least, lies of Rahul Gandhi exposed in this video.


In conclusion, I would ask you to comment and decide what is really your choice? Would you still go and believe Rahul Gandhi? Or would you support PM Modi? I’m waiting for your comments!


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