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Spending enough quality time can save new couple in relationship

Quality time is especially crucial for anyone seeking long lasting relationship in this world.

Have you been facing problems concerning intimacy with your spouse? Do you feel emotionally and physically aloof from him or her? Do you despise spending quality time with your beloved? If the answer to above questions is yes, you have come to the right place.

The relationship is a complex yet critical aspect for individuals. Usually, when the couples face challenges, many take the most accessible way: divorce or breakup. That, however, is not the real solution for you.

There can be many reasons behind the loss of intimacy and emotional connection. Sometimes, you might not be aware of the reasons behind the happenings.  The aspects can be subtle enough to notice. Indeed, it is natural for you to search the topics related to saving your marriage or relationship.

You can save your relationship for sure once you recognize the actual reason behind it. In my case, it was quality time with a partner that I lacked. Thankfully, I learned from both experience and expert advice that spending quality time can save your relationship.

My first mistake

By having Quality Time You can save your relationship
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Being long distance in a relationship is really not a joke. Even though falling in love is simple, distance makes it similarly complicated. Maybe that’s the reason why people fall apart.

You don’t have to give up easily, just like me. I had come to a point where I literally urged for attention. Within my heart, I had a pile of emotions and words that I never let out. I was new in this, and no one told me the first mistake: communication.

At that time, I was probably like some of you, skimming through websites and YouTube videos. And there I found excellent relationship advice that saved my relationship. It was sharing anything and everything.

How did I amend my mistake?

How quality time can save your relationship
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I was initially upset, or rather, emotionally frustrated because I lacked the support and shelter. I thought, “Oh, he wouldn’t understand me.” I assumed he should magically read my mind without putting more efforts from my side.

If you have made similar the mistake, it’s time to rectify. You cannot Improve Your Relationship Instantly just like that. You have to be as active as you expect your better half to be, probably even more.

Do you want to know what I did? I followed the advice. I kept my emotions aside to head toward more transparent communication. And guess what the first communication was about? My feelings.

The trick actually worked, and I noticed, a slow, yet promised progress. I wasn’t frustrated any more over a mountain of emotions. With clear transparency, I was able to have emotional intimacy.

Something was still missing

Quality time will save your relationship
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Even though I was having communication, I felt something was still missing. A relationship is successful because of two primary aspects: emotional intimacy and physical presence. The latter part was absent.

Slowly, after spending quality time with my love, I learned that both communication and physical presence is essential. It is applicable even if you have faced an ugly fight.

How is it possible? When couples fight, all they think about is getting as far as away from each other. Such aspects, however, will only make your relationship suffer. The distance will grow, along with the negativity that has embraced the hearts. It shows how time in a relationship is critical for both parties.

You could grow emotionally and physically remote. This is a bigger problem for married couples today. Many even try to revive a relationship sexually without having transparency, which goes in vain.

The only thing that can actually save you is communication and quality time.

The result of spending quality time

The result of spending quality time
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Do you know Mahatma Gandhi? Yes, he gave independence to Indians from the British’s rule. Once, he had a big fight with his wife. He was so angry that he turned his back to her. He asked her to go away and never come back.

What do you think she did? She stepped outside the house and sat by the door for the night. In the morning, Mahatma Gandhi came out, wholly surprised. Upon asking, his wife simply replied, “Oh, how can I leave you? I have nowhere to go.”

Mahatma Gandhi said something like, “Okay forget it and come in.”

Now why I am telling you this story? It is because it depicts the importance of quality time in a relationship with your partner.

Spending quality time does not mean you will never have fights. You would still face arguments and even ugly fights. You will learn to deal with it maturely by utilizing the gift of forgiveness.

Difference between close and distant couples

importance of quality time in relationship
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When distant couples get in a fight, what do you think they do? They stop interaction altogether. They grow apart and fail to understand the other person. The feeling of anger grows, and they get negative vibes from the other person. This situation leads to break up after a long while.

Did you find their mistake? Yes, you guessed it right. The problem had been concerning communication and quality time. It is evident that relationships need quality time that can help you to deal with arguments.

Real close couples also fight. They stop interaction for a while, but they dwell more in-depth in the past communication. Spending quality time helps them understand each other in a better way. They know why another person might be upset. They could feel the suffering of the spouse, And that’s what enforce them to forgive and come back.

My advice to you

So, here’s my first advice: have as much communication as you can (a minimum of half an hour daily if you face timing issues). Be transparent and kind with your partner. Dare to spend romantic time with husband or wife every once in a while.

Be open concerning your feelings with the partner. Communicate and understand other’s perspective while dealing with an argument. And most importantly, become best friend and well-wisher of your spouse.

Final verdict

Today, spending quality time with a spouse is difficult and even rare. It, however, is the only aspect that can save your relationship. You come closer with your other half and understand them easily. You can focus on higher principle and deal with arguments maturely.


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