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Project Bali by Microsoft will give you complete control of your data

Thanks to Microsoft coming up with Project Bali, data privacy won't concern you anymore.

Do you remember Facebook’s recent data leak and Cambridge Analytica scandal? Data of a lot of people was leaked and Facebook was fined £500,000. If you are worried about security and privacy of your data then don’t you worry, Project Bali by Microsoft will give you complete control of your data.

Data privacy and data security have become major issues of concerns nowadays. Thanks to the implementation of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) things have little changed, but not for everyone. GDPR was one of the most notable changes in data privacy regulation in the last 20 years and we believe Project Bali can become the next change.

What is Microsoft Project Bali?

Microsoft Project Bali will give you complete control of your data
Image Source: martechadvisor

Project Bali is a tool developed by Microsoft Research incubation and it is currently in private testing phase. The aim of the project is to give you back the ability to take control over the data which was collected from you.

The tool works as a data bank. The data bank will allow you to store all your data generated by you using various services. Then the tool will allow you to visualize, manage, control, share and monetize the data. Finally, we will get back control of our data and we’ll be able to monetize it too!

Project Bali
Image Source: Project Bali

The project was first spotted by ZDNet and they published a report on the project. A Twitter user “Longhorn” was able to spot a test feature and he tweeted with the information saying that Mircosoft Project Bali also has the capability to delete all your connections and account information.

Project Bali can is a kind of inverse privacy project. Let me tell you a story about inverse privacy. In 2014, Yuri Gurevich, Efim Hudis and Jeannette Wing were employees working at Microsoft Research. They published a research paper on “Inverse Privacy”. Data privacy project by Microsoft seems to build on that.

What’s next?

Microsoft Project Bali
Image Source: Dazeinfo

As of now, the project is in private beta testing stage. Microsoft officials said that the project is still in its early stage and the project team is focusing on helping users to aggregate personal data from various websites and have an ability to view the data.

There are many projects built on a great idea but many of them don’t make to the public. We’re hoping that Project Bali gets a very good response and may soon become a reality. There have concerns about data privacy and data security. Major companies are having a hard time dealing with it. Let us hope Microsoft changes the scenario with Project Bali.

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