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Oreo the brand of cookies is coming out with 4 new flavors in 2019

Oreo is going to launch new Dark Chocolate Oreo cookies. The new flavor will be made using Real Cocoa.

Milk’s favorite cookie, Oreo is available everywhere and loved by everyone! Even Google loves them, remember Android Oreo? Do you know they are being sold from 1912? We weren’t even born! Now you know that the cookies are in demand from so long. In fact, they are in so much demand that, it is the bestselling cookie in the United States!

There are so many cookie brands in the market but, we can all agree that Oreos are one of the best cookies in the world. From flavors like wasabi, birthday cake, and peppermint bark, they are always up to something. The latest cookie flavor they’ve been working is dark chocolate.

Interesting Fact: Oreos are sold in more than 100 countries!

Milk's favorite cookie, Only Oreo coming with new flavors
Image Source: Oreo


The new flavor will have two classic chocolate wafers, and the cream in the middle will taste like dark chocolate. Best thing? the company has confirmed that Unlike other limited editions, the new Oreos will be permanent offering.

Interesting Fact: To celebrate the 100th birthday, the brand launched a special limited edition named Birthday Cake. The brand has launched approx 21 limited editions of cookies.

According to the company, the new cookie will “help fans embrace colder, darker days.” They are releasing the cookie on Dec. 21 which happens to be the shortest and darkest day of the year in the United States. What a unique marketing style!

Talking about marketing, their brand is doing it effectively. They tweeted with videos showing personalized riffs on “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” for six different brands including BurgerKing and Twitter itself!

The BurgerKing version included references to the chain’s King character. People in the video are dresses with blue outfits that match the color on the packaging.

The brand was tweeting with the #OREOCarol to make the Hashtag trending on Twitter. As of now, #OREOCarol doesn’t appear to be trending on Twitter but even more tweets and marketing can surely make it happen.

Will you be trying Oreo’s new flavor?

Milk's favorite cookie, Only Oreo coming with new flavors
Image Source: Tucson

This new treat sounds like a true chocolate lover’s delight. It will replace the rich chocolate version. The original chocolate cookie will still be available. You can also have a look at some stunning and tasty Oreo recipes.

Are you a cookie fan? Which one is your favorite cookie? We are Oreo and dark chocolate fans so we are definitely going to try this new flavor as soon as it gets available. Also, don’t forget to have a look at our special edition of the 2018 Year In Review article. It contains key interesting events of the year.

 Will you be trying this new dark chocolate flavor? Let us know.

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