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New Research: How to get your loved one quit smoking

Even if the smoker is your husband or father, here's how you can get your loved one quit smoking forever.

We all know the health risks of smoking but to quit smoking is difficult for someone who has got the habit of it. Thankfully, there are some methods found in recent studies which will allow you to help your loved one finally quit smoking.

There is a saying that it takes 21 days for something to become your habit. It takes 21 days for someone to get the habit of smoking and it will take 21 days for someone to quit smoking.

To successfully stop smoking, you’ll need to help them change their behavior. They’ll also need to cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. You can help them in finding better ways to manage mood.

New Study to help people quit smoking

New Study to help people quit smoking
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The team of researchers at the Queen Mary University of London recently published a research study published in Addiction journal. The study concluded that when smokers are allowed to regulate their nicotine intake, it increases the chances of them being able to quit smoking.

You might be wondering how I can help my loved one quit smoking or how I can quit successfully? We can help you with the answer. Cigarette contains nicotine, an idea of the research study was to reduce the number of cigarettes consumed but maintain and gradually reduce nicotine going into the body.

Study author stated, “Smokers determine their nicotine intake while they smoke, but when they try to quit, nicotine levels may too low for some people.”

Sudden decrease in nicotine intake increases chances of people going back to smoking. According to the study, it is okay to use whatever nicotine doses they find helpful.

Research Study Procedure

Your Loved One Quit Smoking
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The team of researchers examined 50 smokers in a clinic in Argentina. This was the world’s first approach to ‘pre-load’ nicotine prior to the quit date, and tailoring nicotine levels based on patient feedback.

Each participant took one 21mg nicotine patch each day for one month before their quit date. After that 1 more patch was added unless participants reported adverse effects or did not wish to increase, up to a maximum of four patches per day. Then dose was reduced by 21mg/day each week after their quit date and went back to the standard dose.

Key Findings

  • Cigarette consumption, smoke intake and enjoyment of smoking declined significantly during the pre-quit period.
  • During the pre-quit period, the number of cigarettes smoked per day reduced significantly from 20/day at the start to 6/day
  • Only 6 % of participants dropped out of treatment and none dropped out because of patch side effects.

We recommend you to read this study for more details.

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