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Focusing more on the nation’s interest and Indian Army is more important than playing PUBG

Indian Army is a role model for many aspiring individuals today. Everyone seems to care about authority and respect them. However, as the youth has started to progress, the question about appropriate progression has enhanced.

The rise of social and virtual media has changed the lives of individuals today. People may say that they support the Indian army and think about them, but is this really true? Do you ever really think about the Indian army and their families?

Sadly, nationalism happens around the world only during a terrorist attack. Other days, we don’t even think about India and the Army at large.

What has changed though? Youth is still energetic and advanced. People still have this desire to respect the army officials today. Are we, however, doing anything to respect the Army in real-time?

What is actually happening?

PUNG and TikTok

Sadly, even in a family, the children sometimes take the father for granted. The youths, especially, are allured toward material things, especially the games like PUBG and apps like TikTok. They start demanding things like a child and fail to identify the real hard work of the father.

Don’t you think modern Youth is behaving the same way today? The youth has started to show nationalism on the game instead of doing something for real.

In the game, the individual players are asked to shoot the terrorists and kill them. Such aspects happen in real life but people are hardly interested in it. Only after a great aspect like surgical strike and Pulwama attack, people start remembering the army officers with great nationalism.

When you look at the example I showed about a family, we are certainly using our army officers for satisfying our demands. We demand freedom and protection from them and we are not ready to return the favour. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we have to stop playing altogether.

What has the Indian Army done for India?

know about the critical role of the Indian army
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Who doesn’t know about the critical role of the Indian army? Apparently, the Indian Army life is the most difficult. Staying away from home and loved ones are hard for many people. Now imagine someone going on the border knowing they might never come back.

That someone is the Indian army officer.

These people aren’t just someone who has a perfect job in a century. The job does enhance reputation of the entire family. However, the relationship aspect has much greater importance.

These people spend their time and life itself for people around the country. They protect the nation from a dangerous situation and even terrorists. Certainly, these individuals shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, we are breathing because of their awareness around the border of India.

They go through many critical and harsh processes to join the Army. They are supposed to pass the required qualification. Some may require them to become an engineer while others even a master degree. Sometimes, they work hard and pass some official exams related to it. After that, they go through immense training period if they are selected. And when they join the Army, they are forced to leave their hearts behind.

The expectations from Youth today

The expectations from Youth today for the Nation

You can guess the level of sacrifice done by individual Army Officer on the border. Most of the time, they remember their family members and do their prescribed duty to protect the nation. Certainly, the individuals have supposed to show respect them at all moments in their lives.

Imagine how you treat your father at home. He is the protector and shelter of every person. Everyone loves him, even kids. They respect him for the duties he does for the entire family throughout the day. They see the austerities he does every day just to put a smile on the faces.

The duties of the army are similar and the expectations of the youth are also the same. They shouldn’t take the Army officials for granted today. Just as in family, the Army officers should have a higher place in the hearts of individuals.

That means kids are expected to shower love and respect on the army. Remembrance is critical at this point.

What can you do to serve the nation?

You can actually do your duty by remembering the army officials once a day. Read and write articles about them. Even if you desire to play, you can make sure to do something, even a small activity every day to give respect to the people who devoted their lives for you.

On this issue, some people like liberal and leftist are supporting those terrorists by speaking for them. Our country is always divided between left and right wing opinions. Virtual gaming has made things worse for the youth. However, people should be aware of their duties toward the nation and the Indian Army at large. Therefore, in situations like this, we should only think of national interest and deal with enemies of the nation.

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