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For MS Dhoni, the National Flag of India is More Important than His Fan

Read the news about how MS Dhoni showed his patriotism in the foreign land

Who doesn’t know MS Dhoni at the present date? His massive fan base has continuously been increasing one day after another since the start of his career. People show love for him in different ways that shocks even common individuals.

Something like that happened during the final T20 match between New Zealand and India. The match became famous for the incident that occurred unexpectedly. You can actually see the smile behind the faces of the fans around the world after the camera captured it live.

The ultimate match

MS Dhoni has been the first Indian cricketer to play 300 T20 matches in the international platform. The match held in Hamilton at Seddon Park. Other than him, many people have achieved that level with him throughout the world including Luke Wright, Sohail Tanvir, Sunil Narine, Ravi Bopara, Albie Morkel, Dwayne Smith, Ryan ten Doeschate, Shoaib Malik, Chris Gayle, Brendon McCullum, Dwayne Bravo, and Kieron Pollard with about 446 such matches.

Dhoni also played against many teams in Indian Premier League for 169 times. His profile has information about 30 more IPL matches in the year 2016 and 2017.

This match had been 96th in the history of India against NewZealand this Sunday. The final T20 match proved to be active and edge gripping for the fans.

In T20 alone, Dhoni has the achievement of about 34 stumping and 56 career catches. He also played most cricket matches at the international level, about 524. This aspect made him very first Indian for achievement.

Yesterday’s T20 match had not been glorious for MS Dhoni. NewZealand won the match by 4 runs, sending a shock through the veins of his fans. He could only score 2 runs but performed effortlessly in the field as wicketkeeper.

What really happened?

It was this match where the camera captured something extraordinary that stole the hearts of millions. Dhoni’s love for India as a patriotic man was proved with this simple gesture that surprised even the commentators in the field.

A fan was able to break the tight security and ran toward 37-year-old cricketer between the live match. The commentators were both in awe and surprised to see the event.

The intruder had a flag in his hand, and he ran at Dhoni to touch his feet. The fan bent down at Dhoni’s feet. Do want to know what Dhoni did?

He captured the Indian national flag before touching the fan since it touched the ground. Then he patted the fan’s back and went ahead.

It would be a dream come true for any fan at this stage. Of course, you would also forget the flag in hand after seeing your favorite cricketer in front of you. Mahendra Sigh Dhoni, however, showed patriotism at this stage that made him a man of the country in the foreign land.

How fans reacted to this?

Fans went crazy over this exciting event in the match. Even though India lost the match, the small incident stole the hearts of many cricket fans. You could see the excitement in the eyes of everyone.

This might be the first time you would see someone happy even though India lost the match.

This particular fan tweeted his love for Dhoni like this:


Certainly, Dhoni found his place in the hearts of his fans all over again after this incident. This fan couldn’t stop himself from posting this.

He called Dhoni the nation’s keeper.

Last but not least. This is how the MS Dhoni captured our national flag,

Nationalism is hard to attain since people are born with it. Indian Wicket Keeper is one among those selective individuals who love the nation the most.

He showed that being famous does not take your right away to be a patriot.

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