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9 tips for becoming more mentally immune and emotionally resilient

Becoming mentally immune is about being able to tolerate negative thoughts without having an immediate emotional reaction. Mental immunity is the foundation of emotional resilience. We all need this at some point in our life.

To balance our self mentally, physically and emotionally allows us to live a balanced life. That’s why immune health is very important for us. Not being able to maintain a good balance is a cause of mental illness. If the situation gets extreme, it can lead to below mentioned immune disorders.

Let us share 9 tips for becoming more mentally immune and emotionally resilient.

1. Validate your emotions

9 Tips mentally immune and Resilience
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It is essential to validate your emotions effectively process your emotions and become emotionally resilient. Each of has a dam in which our emotions are stored. If you don’t manage and process your emotions correctly, they will be at the top of your dam. Then it will only take a small incident to make your dam of feelings overflow.

If the level of emotions is adequately managed, there are fewer chances of the dam getting an overflow in response to a new situation. Van Dijk suggested these steps for validating your emotions.

  • Name the emotion without judging yourself.
  • Permit yourself to feel the feeling.
  • Understand why you have this emotion.

2. Cultivate healthy habits.

9 Tips mentally immune and Resilience- Healthy Habits
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It is easier to stay mentally immune when you feel more balanced physically. Having correct amount of sleep, eating nutrient-rich foods, doing some exercise daily will allow you to become physically more balanced. Start the healthy habits, it will help you in many other ways.

3. Aim for progress, not perfection.

9 Tips mentally immune and Resilience - Self Care
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Nowadays being ‘good enough’ is the new perfect. Perfection isn’t in doing extraordinary things, it lies in doing ordinary things extraordinarily! Aiming for even 1% improvement in each day is more effective than trying to revolutionize your life in one shot.

4. Be willing to see change.

9 Tips mentally immune and Resilience- Accept Change
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Change is part of our life and change is always for the betterment’s. When you struggle with something for long time, change can’t happen. The willingness to see something change actually begins to change it. Say out loud: I am willing to see this change. Change will bring improvements.

5. Practice the art of being mindful

9 Tips mentally immune and Resilience- Deep Breathing
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You can’t stop mind from wandering in its path but you can reduce the amount of anxiety you face by being mindful. One of the simple ways to start is by sitting for five minutes every day and focusing on breathing deeply with intent. Increase this practice by a minute every week and watch how your perspective on life changes.

6. Don’t wait for answers of all the questions.

9 Tips mentally immune and Resilience
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Many times, we try hard to get answers of some challenging questions in our life. We get so focused on founding answers that we forget that we may only receive answers when we are ready. Mentally Immune and emotionally resilient people remember that it is perfectly fine to not have all the answers.

7. Choose to be happy above being right.

9 Tips mentally immune and Resilience - Be Happy
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Being right may not always make you happy. It is good to be right but it is more important to be happy. Ask yourself, are fighting to resolve the situation, or fighting to win it? You can decide what’s more important to you: being right or happy. Sometimes things get stuck, and you should need to laugh it off. Happiness goes a long way.

8. Instead of focusing on wrong, focus on what’s right.

9 Tips mentally immune and Resilience - Always Choose right
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The glass can be half empty or half full. There is always something to be thankful for. Energy flows where attention goes. Spending more time in the light is better than spending time in the dark. At the end, emotional resilience is all about how you perceive things and your views towards life.

9. Mentally immune engage in self-care.

9 Tips mentally immune and Resilience- Love Yourself and Self Care
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Mentally immune people know that self-care is important. Spend some time with yourself every week. Self-care strengthens inner resolve. Exercise, meditation, a cup of tea, your favorite pizza, going for a walk will help you in that. Remember, self-care is the highest act of love

Let us summarize. We would like to highlight it that being emotionally resilient doesn’t mean dismissing emotions. It is about being self-compassionate and validating how you’re feeling. This will help you effectively balance your emotions.

We hope that these 9 tips will enable you to spend more time living with ease and grace. Did you learn something new that you can help you living better? How are you going to apply all these tips? We would to love to hear you.

Let us know in the comments section. We’ll be waiting!

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