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Meet Deenaz Raisinghani, Indian Backpacking Mama Travelling the World with Her Baby

A Backpacking Mama travels throughout the world with a three-year-old. Yes, you heard it right! You might wonder about how a mother can even think of traveling in the country, let alone the entire world. Deenaz Raisinghani did that and proved nothing can ever stop her from achieving dreams.

Her story can teach you many things, and most critical aspect is parenting. The baby loved traveling since she was 7 months old, which as an advantage for the parents. She made good friends throughout the world.

Desire to travel

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Backpacking Indian Mama had always been curious about historical and mystical places. She grew up exploring different aspects of the Indian region in her holidays with parents. Her exploration and love for stories entailed by her father urged her more toward the trip. She desired to bring out the adventurous life again when small Arianna had been in the womb. You would probably doubt her ability to pursue it, but she did it!

Her husband shared a similar desire to travel from one place to another. You can see how the fascinating stories from her childhood acted like water over the seed of traveling. That’s what had been the primary force behind the decision she took ahead after Arianna was born.

Arianna’s first with Backpacking Mama trip to Bhutan

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Deenaz conceived her baby by 2015, and she desired to spend quality time with her newborn baby while traveling alone. The little baby, Arianna, had just been 7 months old when they set off to Bhutan for the first time. There she realized how much her little girl enjoys traveling.

The desire to travel slowly grew as the Backpacking Mama hiked mountains with a baby on her back. The primary goal of the first time mother was to go throughout the world until her baby girl turns 2 years old.

Traveling with husband and a baby

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Husband’s involvement made the trip more exciting for Deenaz. Backpacking the World with Baby was not easy, but the mother grew and made it possible. The second trip included Europe, army husband, and a 16 months old baby.

The couples planned for the trip that took about a month. From the ticket booking to the hotels, everything was well prepared. Everything was under the decided budget, and the couple hit the road. The trios traveled from Delhi to Berlin in a go.

To have a safe journey and proper budgeting, the three of them decided to travel along the public transport. The family visited the museums and monuments while eating street food along the way. You can imagine the troubles they went throughout the travel. Deenaz and her husband agreed that they faced difficulty while catching the train. They had to run at the train tugging along the bags and baby at hand.

Traveling alone with Arianna

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The trio reached Berlin and Germany after which, the husband went back to India, leaving the Backpacking Mama and baby behind. Since then, Deenaz started to be super excited for what was ahead.

Deenaz took her little toddler and traveled across the foreign land. She had noticed no mother had been out Backpacking with a young toddler at hand throughout the world. She organized the trip to change the thinking ability in mothers concerning the travel. The two beauties traveled along other places in Europe without leaving a single location.

Deenaz’s favorite places on the trip

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When Arianna was just 7 months old, the Backpacking Mama decided to head Bhutan along with her baby strap. Her husband tagged along, and the trio spent adventurous days in the countries of Europe after that. They had planned a route including Delhi and Istanbul to Berlin.

You would not notice her missing out on anything because of her air-light budgeting system. After the husband left for duty, the two individuals traveled the cities of Germany, following by Frankfurt, Cologne, and Hamburg. The mother took her baby often on foot through the streets of beautiful cities.

The Backpacking Mama told about her favorite places throughout the trip. Two trips stood out that became most astonishing for her: Kerala and New Zealand. The reasons behind her choice are the attractive beaches, smooth roads, alluring mountains, waterfalls, sumptuous cuisine, backwaters, and others. The small toddler enjoyed the journey a lot. Arianna made it easy for the mother to have local friends throughout the tour.

Other than that, you would see her passing through the places like Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Cambodia, France, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Turkey.

Deenaz’s thoughts about backpacking

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According to the traveling mother, backpacking is undoubtedly different from the destination and regular trips. Throughout the journey, you would see her traveling either through busy roads or public buses. You can even see her taking full responsibility for the entire journey, visiting places one after another.

You would never see her getting tired while tagging the baby along on the back. Instead, the Backpacking Mama had rucksack and stroller that helped in the needy times. She covered entire Europe by foot, which can be unbelievable for most of you. Even though, she loved the idea of tagging along with her husband, the solo days of her journey had been the most memorable.

What did I learn from Deenaz?

I learned the art of traveling even after having the responsibility of a young toddler. As you can see, the baby did not hold her back. Instead, she had the strength to cover the backpacking trip of many foreign places in a short time.

The Backpacking Mama had things such as technology, toiletries, Medicine, Snack, and Baby Diaper Change pouches. I learned to explore the world and make memories with a small child at hand. The art of parenting is never easy, but Deenaz taught it wonderfully through her example.

She had promised her daughter and to herself that they would cover entire Europe before Arianna turns two. Many people can consider her ‘a crazy gal’, but her thought process and ability to pursue helped in achieving the dreams.

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