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Latest updates about the death of Maulana Mazood Azhar: He might be alive

Latest reports says that Maulana Mazood Azhar is alive, according to Jaish-e-Mohammad

Recently, the debate had been high concerning death about Maulana Masood Azhar. The reports say that the Jaish-e-Mohammad chief died due to some disease.

Earlier, Pakistan admitted his presence after the tension between the countries started to grow. According to them, Azhar was sick enough to be admitted to the army hospital based on Islamabad.

On Twitter, the hashtag #MasoodAzharDEAD was trending this evening. Later tonight, Jaish-e-Mohammad revealed that he is still alive and the debate started to grow deeper.

What exactly happened?

After the air strike, India wanted Pakistan to hand over the chief of JeM as soon as possible. It was stated that they were going to attack India and Azhar had been also involved in Pulwama attack.

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Source: India Today

The air strike was launched on 26th February in which, about 300 to 350 terrorists and Azhar’s brother was killed. After that, Abhinandan Varthaman got in their hands that became bigger news for India.

However, due to constant pressure by India, Pakistan had to return Abhinandan soon enough. India detailed the JeM and the established sectors of it to the country. The latter, however, failed to take any required action. This urged the Indian soldiers and PM Modi to take appropriate action against terrorism.

Later, India started pressurizing Pakistan to hand over Azhar. They released a statement saying that Azhar is critically sick and is admitted to an Army hospital.

Reporters argued over why Pakistan had to admit a terrorist in an Army hospital out of all. Later, the rumors started spreading that due to his sickness, he died.

The organization later this evening released a statement, “Respectful Mr. Masood Azhar by the grace of Allah, is safe, sound and alright.”

This statement acted as a stoppage to all the rumors and speculations over Azhar’s death.

Why Azhar is a threat to India?

JeM was formed by Azhar back in 2000 in Punjab province of Pakistan. At first, he was initially under arrest of NDA government. The government had to release him as an exchange of a hijacked plane.

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Source: Outlook India

He is accused of many terrorist attacks in India such as suicide bombing in Jammu and Kashmir and parliament attack. Pathankot IAF is also involved in it that had terrorized the entire country. Latest Pulwama attack led to the rise of anger within Indians.

Response over Twitter

Twitter went live after the news and rumor of Azhar’s death. Many Indians described that his death showered a feeling of relief.

Yes, he is right. The news shouldn’t have been trusted by the individuals without proof.


Well, that’s kind of funny. Comment if you agree.


Before confirmation:


He is alive and India TV shows primary news of this


This indeed was another propaganda by Pakistan


When Pakistan said that Azhar is sick, then why would JeM release the statement saying Azhar is completely fine?


Just joking?


This can be true


Lastly, the news remains unconfirmed


The reports about Azhar’s death have been released across the globe, which might be a rumor. However, the idea that he might be alive is even more dangerous. At such a time, it would be harder to believe anything unless the authority confirms it themselves.


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