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Why Is It Important To Keep Married And Work Life Separate?

Know the secrets of having balanced Married And Work Life

Married and work life are different in every way. You cannot spend private or personal time with your partner while working together the whole day. Even if you are among Married couples working together, you need time to spend with your partner.

Such activities can help out the company and individuals to have a fruitful life. You can remain peaceful and happy during your work. Your company can also face financial stability and other essential benefits. Several companies like IKEA and Google focus on the satisfaction and well-being of the employees. They motivate the workforce to keep the personal and professional life separate.

We can learn from the best examples in our lives. This aspect is a valuable lesson that I learned from my colleagues and friends. I realized that you could quickly solve the husband and wife working together problems.

When I met them

While working in a suitable environment, I never got time to talk to anyone. The only time I was able to speak was official half an hour break. That is when I met a couple had been married for a year. Their love story was famous throughout the office.

Being new among them, I was inquisitive about their story. Resulting, I became a close friend of both of them, especially the girl.

Their external features may fool you any time into thinking that they are a happy and loved couple. You might even give the couple an award of the year on this. However, when you get to know them, you will realize the hollowness and loneliness in their married life. Indeed, there were pros and cons of having a married lifestyle with a busy working life.

I started to observe

One day as I sat beside my close friend, I saw her absent-mindedness. She was seriously off at work. Upon asking, she just cried. Keeping aside work, I tried to urge her to speak. Yes, working with spouse did not help her in her married life.

Finally, she rambled everything about how her married life hadn’t been good. She couldn’t understand the art of balancing marriage and work. Her husband’s working life threatened her expectations of married life. I observed my friend was frustrated and how much she desired to go back to being unmarried.

She started to recall all those days when he would be pressing to keep separate the work and relationships. He would specifically suggest to go out and have personal time together. They would go on romantic journeys and dates once a week.

A story of the year

It had only been a year, and she hated her married life. She recalled how often they came home late and tired of even attempting to talk.

They rarely go on an official date anymore. My dear friend tried to get rid of her feelings of rejection, but nothing worked. She often urged to have undermining husband work. Still, nothing seemed to be on her favor.

I consoled her and went over to the husband. Upon asking, he broke down and revealed his depressed feelings. Though, it was hard for him to convey anything, thanks to the man’s ego.

He recalled those days before marriage and went on saying how beautiful they used to be. The reason behind their problematic situation was the overburden of work because of the promotion he had. At times, he was forced to keep his personal life aside and focus on finishing the incomplete work. Other days, he would be too tired from work to do anything.

At times, he even got jealous whenever he saw his wife talking to other guys. He had this feeling that she could leave his side and join another one. He also was entirely sure that she was having an affair about three weeks ago. Their big fight forced them to sleep in different rooms for over a week.

Problems they faced in Married and work life

It’s evident that couples who work together face unique challenges in life. My friends were also among those individuals. I had been a close friend of both, and I knew the other side of the story too.

Certainly, the problems they faced was more concerned with lack of transparency and personal time. They failed to understand the partner’s role in the marriage. They couldn’t find time even to have a decent conversation with each other. It led to a broken heart and envious thoughts.

The husband started to become more physically tired of work, and he couldn’t focus on his family. On the other side, the wife became more mentally frustrated, and she failed to focus on the job any more.

How did I save them?

I brought them to a room and sat before them. I started by saying, “When was the last time you had emotionally intimate time with each other?” They were silent and gave me a blank stare. The only answer for them was their wedding night and honeymoon.

Then and there I explained the root cause of all the problems that can save relationships across the globe: no personal time. They worked 24/7 that led their lives toward living hell. I explained why they should instantly leave everything behind and focus only on each other. Perhaps they could have a second honeymoon.

What did I learn from them?

I learned how important it is to have a separate work life and a personal one. They were having a hard time facing each other. After a week off of work, I could see happy and glowing faces in front of me. They worked effortlessly, and even the manager was delighted.

They became more relaxed at work. It was because my friends shared personal time, working with the spouse became less horrible. Work life balance is a difficult task which they achieved.

What can you do to save your marriage?

First, don’t undermine your husband or wife in the relationship. Understand their feelings and deal with the situation.

If you are a man, strive to find time for your wife, at least half an hour a day. Just talk about anything you like. Hear her complain about anything she cares. Be with her because your time is all she needs.

If you are a girl, become his pillar. He is already frustrated with his working life. Try to work as a fast aid kit to heal the working-life wounds of your husband in your free time. Find time to have an intimate talk with him when you can share everything. You can be counting less your partner’s work and make him feel cared instead. He would come around for sure.

If you can have separate Married and work life, you would see an increase in mental and physical health. Your work life is also enhanced. You would finally have memorable moments to hold on. You would be more passionate about your work and marriage.

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