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Lambasingi : South India’s only place where you can enjoy the snow along with the ocean

South India has always been known for its rich history, fascinating sea coast and delicious dishes. Many beautiful places of South India are the first choice of tourists. But when we think of a freezing place to roam, South India is not in our list, but Shimla, Gulmarg, Manali and Nainital are our favorites. The only weakness in South India is that there is no snowfall. But a small village of ‘Lambasingi’ in Andhra Pradesh is the only place where you can enjoy the snowfall.

Kashmir of South India

Lambasingi Tourism
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Lambasingi is also known as Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. The beauty of this beautiful little village is the cold weather you can enjoy the snowfall here, while in the summer you will be convinced of the cold atmosphere here. Located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, this village is located in Chintapalli town of Visakhapatnam. In this local language, this village is also known as ‘Korra Bayalu’, which means ‘If you sleep outside in this village at night, then in the morning you will freeze like a wood.’

Lambasingi weather is covered with white mist throughout the year, especially from November to January, the  Lambasingi temperature is below zero degree Celsius. During this, you can enjoy snowfalls too. In this village most people live in tribal communities, who work in gardens of black pepper and coffee.

If you also want to visit this village,Let me tell you where you can roam around.

1-Kothapalli Waterfall

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This waterfall is very beautiful, about 27 km from Lambasingi. You will be convinced of its natural beauty. This place is not only a place for locals to roam around, but thousands of tourists also come here every year.

2- Camping in Lambasingi

lambasingi tourism places
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Camping is just another fun of sitting around a bone fire under the open sky at night. Do not forget to keep the camping bag together while leaving the house. Because these things will not be found in the local market of this village.

3 – Thajangi Reservoir

lambasingi weather
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Located just 6 km from Lambasingi, this place is very beautiful. You can stay in Thajangi Reservoir while returning from Vaishakhpatnam to Lambasingi. The beautiful hills here, the cool water flowing in the river and the watery water reservoir is the perfect place for fans of photography. Given the growing popularity of this place, Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation is planning to set up a resort here soon. So that tourists can get good comfort of staying here.

4. Upada Beach : From freezing winds to Warm Breeze

lambasingi from vizag
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After all the fog and biting cold, craving for a little sunshine and warmth? Get to Uppada Beach in Kakinada, just 120 km away from Lambasingi and 2.5 hours away. Enjoy the breeze of the sea and the warmth of the sun on this lovely beach.

5. Ghat Road : Romantic Walk in the thick fog

lambasingi snow
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Due to all these attributes, this isolated, undisturbed and hardly populated hamlet should be on the list of places to visit for all couples. But what adds to the romantic appeal of this place is the bristle blanket that always envelops it. How best to enjoy a perfect date with your better half than walking down the Ghat Road… while the fog guarantees absolute privacy at all times!

6. Coffee and Pepper Plantation

coffee and pepper plantation villa
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The main source of income here is the coffee and pepper that villagers grow and that is exported to the US and many European countries. The vast expanse of these plantations is too beautiful to miss.

Apart from this, there are many other beautiful places in Lambasingi, where you can enjoy the natural beauty.

What should we eat

visakhapatnam food
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Visakhapatnam is very famous for its sea food. Here you can enjoy local dishes like steamed rice, dry fish curry, topa, serua tip, tippe semia and crab stave with chicken steave.

How to reach Lambasingi

visakhapatnam to lambasingi distance
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Visakhapatnam Airport is 107 km away from Lambasingi. Government and private buses continue to operate continuously for airport from Lambasingi. If you want to travel by train, even then Visakhapatnam will be the last station.

Where to stay in Lambasingi

lambasingi resorts
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There is no proper accommodation here, but for a few houses that can offer adhoc accommodation options. Very few basic food options are also available. APTDC (Andra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation) plans to open a state resort and hotels here and to develop Lambasingi as a tourism hub. This place has recently seen an increase in the number of visitors.

Best Time to Plan Trip

From November to January, it will be the best time to go to Lambasingi. During this time the Lambasingi temperature drops to about zero degrees. During this time you can also see snowballs here. There was snowfall on January 15, 2012.

So Friends, What you all are wondering, pack the bags and go to this amazing trip and yes, do not forget to share your experiences with us.

Till then stay connect with us for more interesting and amazing trips !!!

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