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Know About Dark Chocolates, Its Benefits & Recipes

Who doesn’t love chocolate? There might be millions of Chocolate lovers around the world who are fond of eating dark chocolates. It is a real crowd pleaser dish that has won many hearts since its existence. Why not! It is so scrumptious to give anyone a lip-smacking taste.

For decades, people are not just eating chocolate as it is, but have been using it to cook numerous things that you might have not even thought of in your dreams.

But one recipe that you all might be aware of is none other than chocolate cake. Yes, we are talking about the chocolate cake that most of you crave for.

But we understand that at times, you can’t go to your favorite chocolate shop and order the cake. Looking forward, we have brought in for you some quick and easy to make dark chocolate recipes. These chocolate cake recipes will lure you from the tempting aroma that you usually capture when you pass through a bakery.


Chocolate origin

The antiquity of chocolate started way back in Mesoamerica. Formerly prepared as only a drink, chocolate was served as a vicious form of a liquid that was mixed with flavors or corn puree. Such kinds of drinks are still made by South of Mexico locals and are usually named as Chilate. People love this recipe of chocolate to the core.


Types of Chocolates:

Chocolates are available in many forms and some of the common ones that might be in your favorite list are:

  • Dark Chocolates: This type of chocolate is plain and consist of a high percentage of cocoa ranging in between 65% to 100% with some fat content in it. This is the reason why it is called Dark chocolate. It also has many health benefits that we will be discussing further.
  • White Chocolates: Next comes the white chocolate that is made of sugar milk, cocoa solids, cocoa butter and more. The chocolate is usually available in ivory color and remains in solid form even if kept in room temperature.
  • Milk Chocolates: As the name suggests, this kind of chocolate is made from milk powder, condensed milk, solid milk, etc. It is most commonly known as “family milk chocolate.”
  • Raw Chocolates: This type of chocolate is not usually heated, processed, or mixed with additional ingredients. It is often promoted as healthy to eat chocolate by many countries.
  • Ruby Chocolates: Last to the list is Ruby Chocolate that most of you might not have heard of. The chocolate is new and is made from Ruby Cocoa bean and has red color and taste little sweet and little sour.


Why is Dark Chocolates Good for You?

dark chocolate is good for health.

Although each kind of chocolate has its own uniqueness, it is said that dark chocolate is good for health. It is not only nutritious but also has a powerful source of antioxidants. Other benefits of this type of dark chocolates include:

  • Assist in lowering blood pressure
  • Improves blood flow
  • Good for skin
  • Betters the cognitive function
  • Helps in improving brain functionality
  • And surprisingly, it is anti-cancerous i.e. used as a cancer-fighting food.

Among the mentioned list, one that is a most selling type of chocolate is the dark chocolate. When it has so many benefits, why not try some of the recipes prepared from it.

best dark chocolate recipes

Want to know some delicious and best dark chocolate recipes prepared from dark chocolates that are the mostly tried by people? What are you waiting for? Let’s get started:

1. Heart-Shaped Dark Chocolate Cookies: This kind of cookies stand out from the rest of the cookies that are available in the market. Using dark chocolate and pink icing or red sprinkles done on the cookies can make anyone fall in love with it. The cayenne powder used un these cookies adds good flavor.

2. Dark Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies: This kind of chocolate recipe might have an identity crisis, as some think it is a bar, some cookie and some even as a treat. But, that doesn’t matter! The recipe is prepared from healthy fiber present in the oats, antioxidants in the dark chocolate, and coconut oil.

3. Dark Chocolate Zucchini Cake: Next comes the Dark chocolate Zucchini that is nothing but a cake prepared from dark chocolate and iced with chocolate-espresso. And you know what, you would never be able to make out the secret ingredient added in it.

4. Chocolate Dipped Fruit: This cake won’t be complete until you add dark chocolate covered strawberries. But hey, don’t differentiate against other fruit that also tastes similar. Create a different taste by dipping numerous berries i.e. raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries in this melted dark chocolate and enjoy this healthy treat.

5. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites: To ones who love peanuts will love this and uses ingredients that are commonly available in your kitchen easily i.e. bananas, nut butter, and of course, dark chocolate to make this unique homemade sweet.


So, these were some smoldering dark chocolate recipes that you can enjoy with your loved ones freely without taking care of your heart, as astoundingly, it is proved to be good for it.

Zucchini that is used as summer squash is added to keep the cake moist.

Aren’t your lips smacking? Well, if yes, then It’s time to try these delicious chocolate recipes.

Cook anytime and anywhere with just chocolate and few other ingredients and satisfy your tummy with a scrumptious taste.

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