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India vs Australia: Indian team won test series in the Australian Soil after 71 years

Indian team won the test series in Australia for the first time after 71 years

The Indian cricket team creates history in the Australian soil. The individual members have waited for 71 years to see the historic event. How did they win the fiercest battle in the history of cricket?

The 4th test match ended in India’s favour. Ever since the first battle on the land of Australia, this had been the first and primary victory under India’s feet. The rare occasion where India beat Australia by 2-1 has been celebrated by team members at present.

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“Firstly, I want to say I’ve never been more proud of being part of a team, than this one right here. The culture we’ve built… our transition began right here, where I took over as captain, and I can’t believe that after four years we’ve won here. Just one word to say, ‘proud’, to lead this team and it’s an honour and privilege. The boys make the captain look good,” said Virat Kohli.

Critical response of celebrities

Indians had to face difficulty while gaining the victory. The primary hindrance had been the climatic aspect. The historical wins have undoubtedly not been missed by the celebrity and political parties.

Anushka showered the promise of love through her tweet after Virat won the test series in Australia

Even Virat Kohli ended up letting out the victory smile through his tweet below

Shivraj Singh Chouhan praised the entire Team India for the efforts.

Congress congratulated Indian Team

Mohammad Kaif was proud of Indian cricket team members

It was a cherish-able moment for Sachin Tendulkar

Anil Kapoor said that he is proud of the efforts of the Indian team

The journey of Indian team toward success in Australia

India vs Australia: Indian team won test series in the Australian Soil after 71 years
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Indian team won by the margin of 2-1 in the fourth and final test series. The Australian team had 316 runs when the 71 years wait halted for Indian team members. India won the test series by gaining 622 runs.

The win is particularly special because the team members were able to beat Australian cricket team for the first time after 1947. Virat Kohli’s name would be written in the golden letters in the history of Indian cricket. Indeed, he is the first captain to win the years of battle in Australia.

The rain and bag light made it difficult for the entire team to be engaged in the game. The match was finally over in the second innings with Usman Khawaja on 4 and Marcus Harris on 2.

“I want to say I’ve never been more proud of being part of a team, than this one right here,” said Virat Kohli.

The first innings had been unbeaten by Pujara’s attempt to gain 123 runs. In the second innings, he gave 71 runs to the Indian team, securing the critical place in the history of cricket. Rishabh Pant, the wicket-keeper, took about 11 catches in the game.

The team members have been proud to be the part of the Indian cricket team. It is evident from the regular tweet of the members.

Anil Kumble made a prediction of the victory on the side of India. Yes, his prediction came to be true.

This particular test series had been unusual for Virat since it showed his leadership efforts and teamwork of the members.


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