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India Announces 1100 Crore Comics Business Annually, Why Still Indian Comics Are Diminshed

  • International comic con, which will be held in Hyderabad after the US, is dedicated to the conference comics character and books

    Image Source : Dainik Bhaskar

Innovative platforms are being explored in the entertainment world with the help of technology. Keeping this in mind, two UK entrepreneurs have started a comics company. Netflix has also started expensive project by building Luca Comics based on it. Is the world of comics abroad booming, is it equally strong in India? What do you think ??

Know the economic mathematics of Indian comic characters. Here we go !!

International Comic Con in America

  • These days, International Comic Con is being organized in the US. In India, it is to be held in Hyderabad from November to December. This conference is dedicated to comic characters and books from around the world.
  • According to CBR, an organization working in the field of comics and child literature, comics market in India is about 1100 crores annually, in which the contribution of Indian comics is only up to Rs 10-12 crores. That is, the Indian comics market has increased in the past, but there is a decrease in printed in Hindi and in the books found on the stall.
Image Source : Dainik Bhaskar
  • The kids are reading comics, but the market of the famous Indian comics character Chacha Chaudhary, Sabu, Pinky and Bilu have diminished. Now children’s choices are foreign characters rather than Indian comics superheroes. Presently, the children’s education in the English language is being liked more in the online market.
  • Many independent labels, such as Aircrafts, Campfire and Holly Kau, have come. They are just selling online in English. Their market is flourishing in India in the same way as in the Western countries.

Increase online sales market

  • Along with the increased online sales, the format of the purchase-sale has also changed. At present, a large market of online comics store is available through e-shopping. Sales of classic comics on websites like Amazon, eBay, OLX and Quicker have increased manifold more than last time.
  • In Tinatin, a rare poster of 1932 was sold for 10 million rupees during the auction in Paris in 2012. Since 2011, International ComicsCan has been introduced in India. In this comics exhibition organized in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, almost all comics are available in country and abroad.
Image Source : Dainik Bhaskar
  • For Rs 70 thousand, a teacher from Bangalore, Arun Prasad, sold the comics that he had bought for 60 paise in the 1960s. He has a collection of 15000 comics, whose total value is Rs 1.5 crore.
  • Picture of an action comic series of Nicholas Cage for Rs 14 crores in 2011, under the online auction.

Why backward from western countries

  • India’s childhood literature, which has been a major part of the comics, has been less developed than abroad. There are dozens of comics based characters in Western countries who have been successful on the screen and they are constantly working on them.
  • If we talk about comics based films in India, then one such name does not come in our mind. It is certain that some of the comics stories are being run on animated serials on TV serial or cartoon channels.
  • Cartoons, comics in abroad also had a choice of adults, so it continues to date, but in India it was considered only worth of children and kept.

Indian Comics Characters who created identity in the country

  • Smt. Smt. Ji was a normal householder, many things in her life. Sometimes she encounters the vegetable, and sometimes the doctor. His worst encounter is with his master.
  • Chacha-Chaudhary: Writer Pran was named Walt Disney of India due to the craving of this character. Uncle Chaudhary is a symbol of the common man. The events happening around them were seen by a large community of people joining themselves.

    Image Source : Dainik Bhaskar
  • Cheeni Chachi : It has been the comic’s most charming character in the world. He is always upset with his obesity. Right there, uncle remains troubled by aunt all the time. The nick-jerk between them produced humor. The series was also run in its newspapers.
  • Motu-Paltulu: These two characters from the Lotto magazine have been spinning babies from the very beginning. Starting from 1969, this magazine is still emerging. The animated serial is also running on the channel. Many animated films have also come on them.

Our childhood is incomplete without Indian comics. I m sure everyone is agree with this.

So which one is your favourite Indian Comics Character. Do let me know in the comment box & don’t forget to share !!

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