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India Republic Day Celebration 2019: All You Need To Know

Know about all the details and events in the Republic Day 2019

Republic Day is indeed an important day for Indians. You can understand the significance of this day by reading the newsletter about it. Certainly, you might observe several incidents that are set to happen on this day.

Every year, the Indians usually considered republic day as a critical aspect. Perhaps that’s why you would see both common man and public offices utilizing the significance of the day. People celebrate it differently either by enjoying or by the establishment of victory. Either way, the celebration of this day enhances the feeling of patriotism.

You would not see a single person roaming about the place without noticing the headlines. It might become difficult for you to take hold of all the critical events that will be happening.

To help you with this, I present you the top 11 events of Republic Day 2019


1. Bipin Rawat

Bipin Rawat: Top 11 events of Republic Day 2019
Image Source: TheIndianExpress


He is the Army Chief General, receiving the honourable award for his countless operations against Pakistan. Indeed, he helped in enhancing republic day meaning, publically.

The 26 January 2019 will be the perfect day to honour his efforts. Some of his activities include neutralizing about 300 terrorists in Kashmir and counter strike against Pakistan. You will definitely see this powerful man receiving Param Vishisht Sewa Medal this republic day.

2. Guests and parade

The parade is my favorite aspect of the Republic Day Celebrations. This year you will see 22 Tableaux and 58 tribal guests attending the parade. Indeed, this republic day of India will be larger and better than all other years.

You will get to see the performance of every group for 2 minutes each. The parade itself will last for around 90 minutes. The Indian authority would take all the guest members on sightseeing tours. 

3. Naari Shakti in the parade

The 70th republic day of India will be marked as most attractive and dazzling because of women power showcase. This republic day would see the largest participation of all women Assam rifle contingent. They even had full dress rehearsal back on Wednesday this week.

4. Participation of Indian National Army of Subhas Chandra Bose

Top 11 events of Republic Day 2019
Image Source: New Indian Express


Prime minister Narendra Modi confirmed the proposal this Tuesday. Definitely, you will see Indian National Army veterans marching down the parade. They will represent the freedom struggle of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

5. Four museums

You will see four museums dedicated to freedom fighters, specifically Subhash Chandra Bose, in the Red Fort. Prime minister of India presented the cap of Subhash Chandra Bose on his 122nd birth anniversary this Wednesday. This Indian festival will see the struggle of Indian history. You can revive several memories of India concerning freedom. 

6. Choosing the chief guest

Top 11 events of Republic Day 2019
Image Source: Times Of India


The chief guest of republic day 2019 in India will be Cyril Ramaphosa, South African President. Both Narender Modi and the chief guest will be involved in the special ceremony and other duties.

The process of choosing an appropriate republic day 2019 chief guest starts 6 months ahead. The Indian authorities send invitation cards to the particular government or state head. Before finalizing the visit, the individuals from both sides go through aspects such as logistics, medical requirements, security, and others. A similar method was used to choose the republic day 2018 chief guest.

7. The aircraft

Image Source: Scroll


This National Day, you will notice the capabilities of air defence of India. The aircraft will fly up in the air, performing several critical operations.

You will see their performance for the first time as stated by IAF senior this Wednesday. The officials also stated that the aircraft will be using biofuel. The officials launched immediate preview this Wednesday where the media got to see the strongest air weapon of India.

8. The documentary an Indian Air Force

You are about to see something remarkable this Republic Day. The very first Indian Air Force documentary will be premièred on the National Geographic channel.

You will get to see the first show on 25th January, 9:00 at night. Also, you can also view the re-runs on 26th January at 12:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. respectively.

Furthermore, you would see the difficulties and dangers encountered by the Indian Air Force. You will also see how the Indian army performs activities even in the dangerous weather.

9. Showcase of latest artillery inductions

Know about all the details and events in the Republic Day 2019
Image Source: news18


Something extraordinary will happen on India Republic Day 2019. You will be seeing the future weapon of Indian Army K9 Vajra this Saturday. The world will be seeing this weapon for the first time in the parade. This is a piece of good news for Patriots around the world.

10. Honorable mentions

India Republic Day Celebration 2019: All You Need To Know
Image Source: Times of India


The Prime Minister will award both citizens over 90 years of age and artists. One of the individuals includes senior most Ponnu Doraiswamy, ageing 97.

She performs her daily routine rising early in the morning. Her morning activities include prayer and sudoku.

Venkateswaran is another awardee from Kerala. Many individuals, as well as couples, will attend the show.

11. Something unexpected

India Republic Day Celebration 2019: All You Need To Know
Image Source: TheIndian Express


This year, you will see a parade March of visually impaired students. This aspect leads to the increment of Republic Day 2019 Celebration event in India. In the rehearsal parade, the leading student gave the command of “Dahine dekh (eyes right) and everyone followed it.

All the students looked right side, saluting the flag stand. The surprising thing was that they were blind. You will get to see a similar performance in the National Day of India.

This word the primary surprising events that will happen this Republic Day. I am set to see something extraordinary that day, are you?

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