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India Ranks 3rd on Pornhub 2018 Year in Review

They love collecting statistics about the searches on its site.

The year is about to end. We had so many events and a lot of things happening in the entire year. Pornographic video sharing website Pornhub released their own edition of the 2018 Year in Review. They love collecting statistics about the searches on its site.

Pornhub Insights delivered its 6th annual year in review in colorful infographics and charts. You’ll be surprised to know (not so surprised if you’re a Pornhub viewer 😉 ) India ranked 3rd in their 2018 Year in Review report. Let us have a look at what happens in each minute on their website.

Fact: They own the crown of largest pornography site on the Internet.

India Ranks 3rd on Pornhub 2018 Year in Review
Source: Pornhub


Around the globe 63,992 people watch 2,07,405 videos in a minute through 57,750 searches! Looks like a person gives even less than 20 seconds on each video! We can say viewers have become HRs who don’t even spend 30 seconds looking at each CV of the candidate! Competition is damn increasing for porn video producers!

We aren’t saying that size matters,😉 but 2018 was an impressively big year for the company. They have 33.5 billion visitors this year until the report was published. It equates to a daily average of 92 million visitors. If we look at shorter-term timeframe, Pornhub’s daily visitors now exceed 100 million.

Let us help you compare the numbers. The daily visitors they get on their website is equal to the population of Canada, Poland and Australia combined every day!

From all the lacs of views on thousands of videos watched every minute, 55 video views are of Kim Kardashian’s tape, which is by far the most watched video of all time! Talking about popularity, Stormy Daniels was the most popular female porn-star of the year.

Most searched on Pornhub in 2018

Image Source: Pornhub


They also published the top trending searches on their platform. Their top searches are often influenced by mainstream media and pop culture events. Searches for the hit game ‘Fortnite’ skyrocketed by 60% in 24 hours when Fortnite’s servers crashed in April. ‘Threesome’ videos also had a significant impact this year.

When people aren’t watching videos, they socialize. You’ll be amazed to know that 64 million private messages were sent between users. Each minute 167 friend requests are accepted and 122 messages are sent.

Image Source: Pornhub


Once again, the United States takes the crown of Top country by traffic. Just think how much time they have. Their population is around 4 times less than India and they are the ones who provide the most traffic! They really enjoy their weekends! Top 20 countries provide them 80% of their daily traffic.

Don’t just stop here! We have a lot more to share! We would love to share our special edition of 2018 Year in Review which includes key interesting events around the globe. Christmas is here! From all of us at BubllingJelly, we wish you all Merry Christmas!🎄

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