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How Species of Owls in India used for Black Magic during Diwali to inculcating fear in Human Beings?

  • There is superstition in sacrificing the owls on Diwali.

  • 15 different species of owls have been identified as illegally trapped for Black Magic on Diwali.

Many superstitions are often associated with festivals. There is one such blind faith is associated with the Owl. On the day of Diwali occasion, one side owl is worship is more auspicious and considered as a vehicle of Mata Lakshmi while on the another side tantrik give the sacrifice of an owl for their Tantra Sadhana.

That is why buying and selling of species of owls these days increases significantly. There is one question in my mind that does Black Magic really work??  Well!! The answer is here

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According to the India Times report, more and more species of wild owl are becoming more vulnerable as compared to other kinds of owls. Of the 30 species of owls found in the Indian subcontinent (most of which are endangered), 15 different species of owls have been identified as illegally trapped and traded across India, mainly for use in black magic. In this way, India is losing endangered species of owls.

Worship on the night of Diwali

According to Tantriks, On the night of Diwali after worshipping Lord Lakshmi, is the best time to worship Mahanisha and sacrifice owls. Tantrik performs special meditation in this pooja which runs for three to four hours. It is said that Tantrik also sacrificed owls called Maa Lakshmi’s vehicle on this day.

Different opinions about Owl

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People have different opinions about owls. Whereas it is considered a symbol of intelligence, then it is also called inauspicious. It is said that the owl is a symbol of Lakshmi Mata and in that sense; it is quite auspicious and intelligent.

So, it is said that the owl is used to control the macho and kill the people. It is claimed that if we throw and hit pebbles towards owl and if he suppresses that pebble in its mouth and thrown into any pond, then that person dies as soon as the pebble sinks.

Punishment may be on killing owls

Let me tell you that killing the owl is illegal and the suspect can get the punishment of imprisonment. Under the Indian Wildlife Act 1972, the owl is kept in the protected category. If any person is caught catching swords or hunting, he can be sentenced to 3 years or more. But even after this strict action taken by the government still India’s owl is being killed for the black magic.

Why are species of owls sacrificed?

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The way these owls are killed is worse than they are captured. Each part of the owl body should be a significant feature in black magic and sorcery. If a living owl is buried in front of a house, prosperity is claimed. The owl is sometimes blinded and then slowly killed as part of the ritual over the next few days.

Owls are used for tantrik sadhana on the Diwali night. According to tantrik’s opinion, owl gets rid of many problems. According to black magic, if you are sick or you do not have children or want a good love or your business is not running, then all these problems will get rid of the owl. According to the tantrik, the treatment of pandemic is also done through owls. Owing to the Tantra Sadhna, the owls take the deserted place or crematorium.

Sells up to 80 thousand rupees

According to media reports, during Diwali days, owls are booked by people in approx 20 thousand rupees to 80 thousand rupees for black magic in India.

On the night of Diwali, Tantrik sacrifices the owl to fulfill their superstitious needs. That’s why orders of owl started before one month of Diwali and this work is completely hidden from the government officers and police.

These places are smuggled

The smuggling of species of owls is reported to be happening in Lakhimpur Kheeri, Dudhwa jungle, Pilibhit, Suheli jungle, Kukral etc. The demand for barn owl is highest. For this, people are ready to pay even millions. At the same time, the price of white and light brown owls is usually 25 to 30 thousand rupees.

Owls are such a bird that has a very small number, they are on the brink of almost extinction. It is a superstition by the tantrik to sacrifice owls on the night of Diwali. Many innocent animals are sacrificed every year due to superstitions. If you get information about such movements anywhere, then complain in your area police station.

Wrap Up

None of the religions teaches us to take the lives of innocent animals, nor does any goddess ask for the sacrifice of an animal. But some people spread such misconceptions in society to their selfishness and then take advantage of it. To all of you, I have to say that, you do not become part of any such superstition. if the person kills the innocent animals without any reason, then what is the difference between a human being and a beast?

So, It’s sad but true that in this 21st century still many peoples are superstitious and believe in black magic. Due to their superstitions, innocent animals sacrifice their lives. Not only owls but still many species of animals are extinct just because of human beings.

Does Black magic really works and worth to do? Try to ask this question yourself and comment below. We love to read your response.

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