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Hidden Facts About Mango Leaves That You Aren’t Aware

Mango is known to be one of the exemplary summer tropical fruit that contains the high nutritional value. It is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A and also consists of minerals like potassium, copper, and magnesium. Also, the fruit has effective antioxidant properties and are abundant with phenols and flavonoids. Its scrumptious flavor gives a lip-smacking experience no matter in which way it is consumed. Some use it as a dessert, some as a shake and not to mention, some even use this fruit to make Mango ice-cream.


History of Mangoes

Mangoes have its origin in India. It was first discovered in North India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar after the fossils were traced out there. The fruit is so much in demand that it is exported to the large part of other countries. Its popularity can’t be overruled, as large parts of the countries eat this amazing and tasty fruit.

Till now you all were busy enjoying your favorite scrumptious fruit-Mango, isn’t? But did you know, this amazing fruit brings in amazing revelations that you were not aware of! It’s about mango leaves. Yes, we are talking about your favorite mango fruit whose leaves have an amazing medicinal property that are curable for many diseases. Want to know how this fruit leaves is helpful to your health? Well, let’s know in detail.


How Mango leaves is used?

You can boil these leaves in water in order to make decoction or to consume in powdered form. In the country like South Asia, people use its tender leaves to cook and eat. But it is said that using young leaves for eating benefits more, so one should use that.


Hidden Benefits of Mango Leaves

As said above, mango leaves have powerful antioxidant properties consisting of phenols and flavonoids, these leaves can be used to cure various diseases as well. Want to know more about mango leaves benefits? Well, let’s not make you wait then! Here are 3 surprising and hidden benefits of mango leaves that you were not aware of:

1. Mango Leaves for Diabetes: The leaves of Mango are useful for curing diabetes. Its tender leaves consist of tannins that are known as anthocyanidins that might be helpful in treating initial stage diabetes.

Mango leaves for diabetes

How to prepare mango leaves for diabetes?

Well, mango leaves are first made to dry and form a powder out of it. This powder is further consumed and eaten daily to help treat diabetes. It is even used in form of the mixture to cure the disease. One can also soak about 5-6 leaves of mango in a cup for overnight. Then the leaves are separated and the liquid left is used for drinking that helps in relieving diabetes.


2. Mango Leaves for Restlessness: Stress and anxiety is very common nowadays and is said to be the main cause why people feel restlessness. To overcome this problem is not that easy. Although, yoga and other remedies might help conquer the problem, but not to great extent. The why not give a try to mango leaves now? Yes, mango leaves can really help in such case.

Mango Leaves for Restlessness:

How to prepare Mango Leaves for Restlessness?

While taking bath in the morning, just add mango leaves to the bathing water and you are good to go. Also, you can first prepare a tea of mango leaves and then add to the bathing water. Doing so will refresh your body and will help you even when you feel uneasiness.


3. Mango Leaves for Respiratory Problems: Respiratory problems are not easily cured, so it’s important to take steps to eradicate the problem. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits for various diseases, mango leaves are also beneficial for your respiratory problems. People who suffer from asthma, bronchitis and cold can make use of mango leaves.

Mango Leaves for Respiratory Problems

How to prepare Mango Leaves for the Respiratory problem?

If you are keen to cure all your respiratory problems, you can boil a few mango leaves and add honey to the liquid. When the concoction is formed, you can take it as a drink and it will definitely help you in curing cough and other problems.

Besides the three, there are many other problems that can be cured with mango leaves and these are curing dysentery, helping in dissolving kidney or gallbladder stones, lowering the blood pressure and hypertension risk, healing ear pain and burns, preventing stomach related problems, curing hiccups, side-effects and allergies, and many more.

So, if you suffer from any of the afore-mentioned ailments in your body, and tired of taking useless treatments, it’s high time to start using mango leaves. If you can’t prepare the mixture at home, get mango leaves powder from the market and take it into your daily routine.

Besides that, you can use mango tea leaves that can be easily available in the market.

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