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Here Are The 10 Qualities of Co-Founder You Must Look For

India is a growing economy, with many companies and opportunities for employment emerging every day. To start with a business, different crucial decisions must be taken, starting at the very microcosmic level. One such fundamental step is to find a strong compatibility between the right partners.  How to choose a co-founder ? This question is arise in the mind of every founder of a business. Founding team for any start – up / business is very important because it serves as the organisation’s building blocks. Of all the decisions, the choice of a co – founder is very important. It is like choosing a soul mate with whom you have to take the most important life steps and spend the most time.

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A right partner will become a key reason for the development of the venture. It is not an easy task to choose a co- founder for your company and should not be taken lightly. It’s all right to be excited to start your business, but it’s not something to hurry up. Remember, this is your way of life. Nobody is perfect but if someone have this qualities of co-founder,without any second thought you must be hire him/her for the development of business.

1.Complementary skills set

Complementary skills set means that you have skills to overcome the shortcomings of each other. A co- founder should have the skills that a founder may lack, so that the balance is maintained and the company has a varied set of skills.

2.Alignment of Core Values

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The co- founders should share similar core values and principles, whether they are personal or professional. Sharing a system of common values makes it easier to trust the judgement of your co- founder, because in most situations they would probably make the same decision as you.

3.Commitment and Dedication

Commitment to and commitment to a common goal is another highly regarded quality that people seek. A common cause and objective will keep the partners working and thinking on the same page and thus ensure positive results.

4.Passionate for work

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The idea works and grows with similar conviction and passion. The partners should be passionate enough to continue despite the hurdles, difficulties and failures they encounter in the initial stages of the undertaking. Passion keeps one constantly motivated to move forward.

5.Vision and Execution

A long – term and common vision for the company helps the partners to survive the ups and downs they face during their career. If the goals and aspirations do not align, there will be conflicts that will prevent the growth of the company. As a team, the ability to imagine (be farsighted) and carry out the plan should be well synchronised to make your business successful and exponentially scalable.


Another important quality of a good co- founder is the ambition with a constant motivated will to achieve it. It determines the attack, the effort, the perseverance and the commitment to achieving the objective.

7.Mutual Understanding and Respect

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Every person is unique, so partners should respect each other’s experiences and strengths. They should work as one by sharing mutual respect and appreciation, thus fulfilling the weaknesses of each other. Mutual understanding and respect of each others is very important in the list of qualities of co-founder.

8.Team Magnet

The co- founder team should not only be a team player but also someone who can attract intelligent talent to work with him. Lead the team and keep them constantly inspired and motivated by a shared vision.

9.Eager to learn things

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A good co-founder isn’t someone who found out about life. Sure, a few times you want someone around the block. Experience is a wonderful teacher. But those who want to learn more are best suited for startup life. You will learn in any startup. A lot. The more you learn, the more you grow, both individually and in business.

10.100% Honesty and Transparency

When you start a company, there are many ways to spend money, sneak off with lots of cash or do nasty and illegal things. Since this is true, finding someone who is honest is important. Be clear about what you expect and want in a co – founder and always insist on 100% honesty.

Wrap Up

The above qualities of co-founder are the most demanding. More must be added to the list, however, such as a delicate team leader, competence, independent thinker, flexibility and credibility. It is difficult to find a person with a mixture of the above qualities of co-founder, but not impossible.Every person have some qualities but if person have these qualities then he/she is the person having qualities of good co-founder. As has been said, a step towards perfection never ends, therefore an effort to inculcate the qualities should be made on an individual level.

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