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World Milk Day: Know How Milk Can Do Wonders on Your Body!

Celebrate the world’s milk day by passing a glass of milk to needy!

As the Milk Day is heading closer, we thought why not to share some astounding discoveries about milk. The 1st June declared to be World Milk Day by United Nations.

Marking it as an important involvement in augmenting the health and nutrition towards the growth of the body.

So, it’s the best time for you as a part of the world to spread the awareness of benefits of milk and show your love of milk by adapting it your daily life.

According to experts, Cow’s milk contains nutrients that are responsible for lowering the insulin, the hormone that reins glucose, between the meals. It further helps in dropping the threat of a group of disorders in the body including high-blood pressure, diabetes, and fats.

The team of experts further found that the youngsters who are obese and consumed at least two cups of cow milk servings were less prone to having type-2 diabetes. Also, if the half cup of milk is consumed by children, they are probable to have higher fasting insulin levels in comparison to ones who imbibed at least a cup of milk.

Milk day - cow milk

The health expert, Dr. Michael Yafi from the University of Texas, said that ‘Our studies indicate that the obese children who consume recommended amount of milk on the daily basis may be more successful in handling sugar and will also help them safeguard against any metabolic syndrome.

He further said the thing to worry about is that only one among ten youngsters according to our study consumes the recommended amount of milk.

And this is what a matter of concern as per The World Health Organization who has declared it as a ‘crisis’ in the health of children that may cause cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Milk is not only used to consume, but it plays a vital role in the development of the overall body. Cow’s milk since long has been widely connected to good health. This is why it is one of the most consumed things used all over the world.

Milk contains all precious nutrients that are very necessary for the body. It offers a wide range of health benefits. For example, Calcium present in the milk is not only good food for the body, but it can help in preventing osteoporosis.


To help you understand the benefits of Milk in depth this milk day, we have jotted down some points. Have a look:


  1. Milk for Bone Health: Milk is an important ingredient for improving the health of the bones in the body, as it is rich in calcium that is a vital mineral to sustain healthy teeth and bones.
  2. Milk for Heart: Being one of the best sources of potassium, Cow’s milk can help in reducing blood pressure. According to a study by experts, if one consumes around potassium of 4069 milligrams daily, it lowers the menace of death that might be caused by ischemic heart diseases compared to those who consumed around 1000 milligram per day.
  3. Milk for Treating Cancer: Milk also containing Vitamin D might play an important role in the regulation of cell growth and protecting cancer. According to a research, people living in geographic locations that obtain a lesser amount of sunlight are at higher risk of suffering from cholesterol cancer. Thus, milk can offer greater protection, as being the source of vitamin D.
  4. Milk for Treating Arthritis: Although there has been no cure for Osteoarthritis of a knee. However, according to researchers, if milk is consumed every day, it helps in reducing the development of the disease.
  5. Milk for Immunity: Milk is not just rich in calcium and potassium. Researchers believe that milk helps in improving immunity level in the body.  Maintains the youthfulness of the skin, thus improving the overall appearance of your body.


What is the Best Time to Drink Milk according to Ayurveda?

Best time to drink Milk

According to Ayurveda, to receive maximum benefits of milk, it’s important to understand how to consume milk. Like for example, some people drink milk in the form of milkshakes. Which is not at all the best way to have milk as per Ayurveda’s theory.

According to them, all citrus fruits such as mangoes, bananas, and melons, cannot be blended with milk or yogurt.

Particularly in the case of banana, Ayurveda says that bananas blended with milk can reduce gastric fire. Thus resulting in creating toxins in the body and causing cold, sinus, congestion, cough, hives and rash, allergies and more.

Therefore, Ayurveda suggests people consume milk in the evening or at night to have better digestion.

So, till now, you all might have become acquainted with the benefits of milk and how it can do wonders for your body. Well, as world milk day is not far away. So why not join hands and spread awareness of uses of milk among people.

What can be the better way? If you pass a glass of milk to some needy person on this milk day. There are so many poor people around you who can’t buy milk.

So, if you have the zeal to celebrate this milk day. Go ahead, spread awareness and help the one whom you think needs milk.

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