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The Future of India’s Young and Innovative Workforce in the Robot Age

The Robot Age can bring forth both skills gap and employment, depending on your choice.


  • Skills gap would be present in the future that can reduce certain job activities.
  • The Robot Age will produce employment by the emergence of new skills demand.
  • You can achieve success by learning about new and trending skills.

Economically, Indian businesses have started to acquire automation. Indeed, the aspect of the Robot Age can affect your life the most, concerning your skills. The primary question is: what would be your future in an automated India? This particular situation would specifically affect the youths today.

Individuals around the world study to get employment. The era of robots can change the way you work and even study today. It has become mandatory for firms to utilize effective strategy to train the employees.

The prime purpose of the Robot age

The prime purpose of the Robot age
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You might be worried about artificial intelligence taking over the entire universe, as depicted by movies today. In reality, the situation demands more attention from the side of companies.

“Preparing for the future of work requires proactive collaboration on the part of the public and the private sector,” said Saadia Zahidi, head of the Centre for the New Economy and Society at the World Economic Forum

The purpose of the robotic age becomes evident from the efforts of the companies to achieve success. The organizations strive to fulfill the demands of people, who desire a stress free life. Specifically, the robotics is meant to make the lives of the user more peaceful and happy.


Employment and skill gap

Employment and skill gap in Robot age
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The world of businesses is responsible for the development of technology today. The automation has become the need of organizations to achieve Robot Age for sure. You would see the rise of computers and robots everywhere.

The evidence, however, is presently available about how the education system has not been efficient enough for the employees. The workers are certainly not ready to get suddenly automated. Such aspects show that something is missing.

If someone asks you anything about latest technology and robotics, what would be your answer? Surely, you would strive to learn about it first. Imagine if you are asked to change the entire working procedure and acquire new ones. Such aspects change production quality.

The similar mental and physical situation will occur if the automation suddenly occurs in the future of businesses. Such factors show the skills gap among employees.

According to the Future of Jobs report 2018, more than 50% of the workers in India needs an update concerning skills. The industrial revolution is not far from the present situation. You would, however, see that the future of India depends highly on the ability of the workforce performance.

Importance of filling up the skills gap

Importance of filling up the skills gap in robot age
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The gap in skills will be present due to the primary need of development. Even today, additional training is required for the students before getting a job. The students go through various stages of learning, even in institutes and coaching centers.

“With the world’s largest youth population and more than half of its population of working age, skills development will be critical to sustaining inclusive growth and development in India,” said Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of India.

Even humans in the age of robots will be needing direction to head for automation. How would you, however, also think of getting a job that you cannot attempt? This is the reason behind the need for fulfillment of the skills gap.

About 78% of companies are making strategies to higher more employees for higher technology. Moreover, 79% of organizations have started to train the current employees, with 83% of firms looking out for automation. Why do you think the need has arisen for taking such steps? The answer is simple: the desire to fill the skills gap.


Desired skills and jobs

Image Source: CNBC TV18


India would achieve success in artificial intelligence by giving new opportunities to the employees. The Robot Age can create successful jobs when the awareness of growing skills is there.

Analytical thinking and innovation

Innovation is concerned with critical and analytical thinking to solve a particular problem. The future of India depends heavily on innovation factor because of its brainstorming procedure. You would be needing such skills to get employment in the future.

Active learning strategies

The activities involving repetition would be automated in the future. Your job might include daily processes that are repeated every day. however, it would slowly end up becoming automated. So, what you should do actually to sustain life?  Start active learning that can teach you about the processes newly available that would ultimately lead you to Robot Age in India.


Creativity is unique, and machines can hardly do that. In fact, the companies would need your creativity to promote higher technological growth. At this time, management and financial skills would matter no more.

Programming and design

Even today, the computer science engineer deals with several challenges while programming. You can, however, use the skills of creativity, innovation, and learning to program new technology. The automated aspects can enable companies to become more automated.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is something that robots cannot do. You would not find any robotic technology actually thinking to make an individual decision. Unless a person has programmed the robot in attempting an activity, it will not perform anything out of the box.

Complex problem solving

As said earlier, you would need automation for the jobs and activities that are repeatable in nature. Yes, the problem-solving skills are not limited to automation. The employees need to address the critical problems that would be above the robot’s ability.


Future of youths in the Robot Age

Future of youths in the Robot Age
Image Source: Edexlive


You can be sure that the future can change our bodies and employment. Such aspects can only happen when the organizations successfully retain growth and fill the skills gap. The future of jobs depends on the skill needs of India.

Identification of skills would encourage the industries to retain success. You would find several companies investing in training programs and skill development of the employees. The education sector will transform to teach you new aspects of development.

You would think what will humans do when AI takes over the world? The simple answer lies in the developmental efforts undertaken by the companies. If the organization make an attempt to reduce the skills gap, you can be sure to attain benefits.

What can I do for now?

Even though I do not possess the appropriate skills, the can learn and upgrade myself every day. The technology has been advancing rapidly, and I need to be aware of it.

The Robot Age is not far away. The constant automation would lead the companies toward reduction of employment in certain sectors. I needed to be prepared for it by upgrading my skills concerning the future requirement. The new skills would give me assurance of a better future and sustaining employment.

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