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Fantasy Cricket Blow over Minds of Million People! Check Out!

Fantasy cricket league-The new craze to Look for!

Did you know that there is much beyond cricket happening in India? Yes, you read that right! It’s nothing but Fantasy Cricket that has blown millions of minds.

Earlier, in the cricket battle, two teams used to lock the horns against each other, but that’s just a matter of past now.

This is no longer enough for Indian spectators to have a thrilling experience. There is a third party that is making Indian fans go crazy.

Want to know what it is? Well, it’s nothing but fantasy cricket league team. The only difference is that it is completely virtual.

Not to end, the popularity of Fantasy has grown by leaps and bounds among the spectators in India. This is just because it gives a privilege to them to actively participate in matches that are virtually based.

Now, they are not just passive observers, but beyond that. According to stats, a number of players playing fantasy cricket have massively grown from 20 lakhs in 2016 to 2 crore in 2018. Among them, 84% of these players are working professionals.

This shows a quantum jump from players involving themselves in this game of skills.

Also, according to the IFSG (Indian Federation of Sports Gaming), two out of the three Indian cricket fans are familiar with the fantasy league.

At present, around 50 operators are actively running the business of fantasy sports in India. Among them, there is 1 company that is accounting for 90% share.

Further added, 51% of fantasy sports players from India are graduates and 84% of the remaining of them are working professionals.

Since the advent of Fantasy League in the year 2013, it has seen the biggest success having a high level of traffic. The websites witnessed around 6 million visitors registering 275 million page views.

The average session observed was 13 minutes for 8 pages. Further, it also witnessed participation globally, 18% coming from outside India. Mostly, the visitors were from US, UK, Pakistan, and UAE.


Want to know what is Fantasy League?

fantasy cricket
Image Source: NDTV Gadgets


The fantasy league is an online game that allows users to create a virtual team of actual cricket players. The game then starts and players score points depending upon how well the players that you had chosen to perform in the real cricket matches.

Wait! That’s not it. The fun doesn’t end here. Many viewers take part in earning some money. Now you might be thinking that is it a betting or gambling. Let me tell, it isn’t. The game is completely legal.

It’s not merely a saying, but Supreme Court has itself claimed to say that “The law Treats fantasy cricket as a game of skills. K.R. Lakshmanan V. State of Tamil Naidu stated that” there are a few games in India that are purely considered as a game of skills and not betting or gambling.


How is Fantasy Cricket League played?

One can’t deny the fact that Fantasy cricket has tremendously evolved over the last few years.

Due to its increasing popularity, it is important for fantasy cricket league enthusiasts to familiarize themselves with 11 players, which is very important aspect before the beginning of the game.

Eventually, before the start of any match, all fantasy leagues lock their teams one hour prior. So, this means that after this, nothing can be changed.


About the Game

There are basically 3 modes of games in Fantasy Cricket League: Championship Mode, Daily Challenge, an All-Star. All the three modes of games have till now observed equal participation.

According to estimates, over 4.5 lakh people have played in the Championship Mode, and an overwhelming response came by creating 3.6 million Daily Challenge teams.

The new game mode was further initiated called as All-Stars in which a few casual players had to create a team by selecting at least one player from each cricket team.

This game saw a massive involvement, with nearly 3 lakhs users taking part in it.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) was one of the teams that obtained the top position having around 1,17,000 users. Further, based on user’s choice, the most wanted player was Glen Maxwell obtained the top position followed by Sunil Narine, Suresh Raina, Dwayne Smith and Virat Kohli.

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