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AHA: Eating Fish Twice A Week Can Help In Lowering The Heart Diseases

The American Heart Association suggested eating fish twice a week rich in Omega-3 may keep your heart pumps healthy. Well, we have a good news in! A recent report published by AHA (American Heart Association) released a study saying that eating fish could be a savior for the ones who want to stay away from heart problems. However, to do the same, one needs to adopt a good diet plan including one or two servings of fish in it.

Isn’t that something to astound about? But that’s not something fishy about AHA’s recommendation! After all, it’s about health, isn’t it? The diet is simple and saves you from having any heart disease. The study by AHA is completely in line to earlier.

What scientists had said since AHA’s 1st scientific statement came in saying that omega-3 found in fish play a significant role in treating cardiovascular problems.

There was a panel of experts who were assembled in the meeting. Said that people should try to consume cold-water oily fish such as herring, salmon, sardines, tuna, lake trout, and mackerel and also non-fried fish.

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These kinds of fishes are high in omega-3 fatty acids in comparison to sea-food such as scallops, cod, shrimp, and tilapia. These fishes are further known to be good sources of vitamins as well as proteins.

Coming near to a conclusion, we can say that the recent study by AHA (American Heart Association) Science Advisory is not merely a pack of Pollock. The results summarized by the advisory are based purely on the studies that range in between observational studies to casual clinical tests.

These observational studies don’t just mean that start staring at people around you who intake fish and merely follow what they do. But in such studies, researchers evaluate the health results of those who tend to consume excessive fish than those who intake fish comparatively less or either no fish.

Also, it’s important to note that observational studies, not the final studies and neither they are clean since there are many perplexing factors that researchers neglect to see or don’t see.

Since multiple factors and relations intervenes diet and cardio disease. What is required is in-depth study or a combination of these studies and lab experiments that clearly indicates the functioning of omega-3 fatty acids.

According to some studies, it is clear that many cells and tissues in your body can be affected by the presence of Omega-3 acid in fish.

There is a simple example explaining that Omega-3 acids can sit in the membrane of your cell and control the functioning of distinct proteins present in the membranes. They might also be responsible for controlling the quantity of tenderness that occurs in your body.

All we can say from here is that the growing scientific evidence is promising and more studies would be required to better understand the systems that help in saving from the cardiovascular system.

So, if you are convinced from these studies and want to follow such diets. Then you should be clear about which fish has more or less Omega-3 acids. As there are a variety of fishes according to scientific advisory contain less or more Omega-3 acid.

Apart from this, one thing that you are required to keep in mind is that these recommendations by scientific advisory are merely about fresh and pure fish that is primed in a healthy manner. Like for example, a fish stick not at all fresh indicates that it is a fresh fish, as no fish is bound to have that good posture.

So, now you are clear what can make heart healthy, isn’t it? But do you know there are other benefits of eating fish?


Want to know what it is? Let’s get started then:

  1. Apart from keeping your heart healthy, Fish can help in tumbling the menace of Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. It can also help those who are undergoing depression by lowering its symptom.
  3. Another important factor is that Fish is a great source of Vitamin-D.
  4. Moreover, it is also helpful in improving the health of eyes and vision.
  5. Also, the ones who have the sleeping problem, eating fish can give you a better sleep.
  6. If you are suffering acne that fish can assist in alleviating your skin at its best.
  7. Have cholesterol problem? No problem, as fish helps in lowering cholesterol level in the body.
  8. Eating fish twice a week also helpful in eradicating the risk of cancer.
  9. What else? Fish leaves a positive impact on improving metabolism in your body.

This was all about some amazing benefits of eating fish. So, if you are planning to add that to your daily meal, choose the right fish and keep yourself away from diseases.

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