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Check Out Top 50 Shares List For Diwali Muhurat Trading 2018

Most brokerage houses have issued a list of shares for trading in Diwali. We have brought you a list of 50 large stock brokerage houses, which you can buy on Diwali day.

To buy on Diwali, we have come with a list of 50 big stock brokerage houses for you. Here are the top Diwali picks of Axis Direct, Reliance Security, HDFC Securities, Anand Rathi, Prabhudas Leeladhar and Motilal Oswal. These brokerage houses have also targeted the next Diwali for the shares. Reliance Securities has said in its Diwali Pix Report that this time, there are many options available for investors in Diwali Muhurat Trading 2018.

BSE and NSE will remain open on Diwali. According to the report, the next 12 months will be challenging for the stock market. The reasons for such elections in 3 states and general election of 2019 are important. Growth in economic causes is the major GDP. While there will be fiscal deficit, the challenge of cash and the global crisis also need to be kept in mind. According to Axis Direct, the market will remain at the cash position after the crisis of IL & FS, besides China’s supply of US Trade war, crude and Iran.

The report says that India’s economy is growing at a rate of 7 per cent. Axis Direct’s report says that only one out of the peak picks of last year did not reach that goal.

Reliance Securities has advised to invest in these 10 shares by seeing in Diwali Muhurat Trading 2018.

According to Axis Direct, these 12 shares will bring more Lakshmi to your house till the next Diwali. Axis Direct has given the target of Rs. 393 to Minda Industries. While the goal of mold tech packaging is Rs 345. Company Axis Direct has advised to put suits on many big shares.

HDFC Securities has 10 big shares in the Diwali muhurat picks. There are mixed shares in it. There are some big-cap stocks in the list of HDFC, so some mid-stock stocks


Motilal Oswal’s Diwali 2018 Pix Report includes 10 stocks It includes stocks of auto sector, steel, finance sector, real estate and banking sector.

Anand Rathi Brokerage firm has advised betting on these 6 big shares in this Diwali. These shares are the shares of the banking sector and the steel sector. By investing in these stocks, you can earn good returns till the next Diwali.

In this way, you have been listed for 50 shares to earn good profits in the Diwali Muhurat Trading 2018. Of these, you can invest by choosing the best stocks. These stocks have been selected by the brokerage firm after a lot of research. Choosing such shares in the election year is very difficult.

Important -The brokerage firm has the advice to buy these shares. You must definitely research yourself before investing in these stocks.


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