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Check Out The Whole New Material Design of Google Chrome

To all Google Chrome users across the world, Google is all set to give your favorite browser, a makeover by bringing in new Material Design for Chrome Browser. For quite some time, Google had been testing material design interface on Chrome.

Material designed is normally known as and codenamed as “Quantum Paper” that was developed by Google in the year 2014. It is also known as a design language.

However, the changes can be seen Google Chrome Canary Branch. And to those who aren’t aware of Canary branch, we would like to state that, Google Chrome Canary version is nothing but a version of your Google Chrome which is aimed for Google Chrome users who want to voluntarily come out to test the upcoming or experimental feature on Google Chrome Browser.

Google Chrome Canary
Image Source: omg chrome


This version allows users to make visual changes in the browser through various options. Chromium Evangelist at Google, Francois Beaufort announced, “Plenty of things have been updated for the better in my opinion”, as the new browser interface design has been rolled out to ‘Chrome Canary’ for developers to have a look and test it out”. 

He further explained about the working of UI and what all it will offer, “Single tab mode, tab shape, Omnibox suggestion icons, alert indicators, and tab strip coloring”, will be the part of UI designing.

For now, Linux, browser UI for Chrome, and Windows have got the redesigning in Canary Channel as stated by Francois Beaufort. He further said that plentiful other things have been revamped for the better appearance. The users who have canary version can look for this update that is available on Windows. Though the update is available for early canary version, it will be enabled only via flags to observe the changes that have been made to the browser.

According to reports, Chrome is likely to be changed and these changes will be more than just an aesthetic improvement and would ensure to its users, a more user-friendly interface. For a very long time, speculations were running out and have been giving hints about the “Google Chrome Material Design”. Since the advent of Google Chrome, it has most likely looked the same.

Earlier, if you remember, Google had refurbished the Android user interface after KitKat. There onwards, Google has followed the concept of Material Design. Well, surprisingly, apart from the material designing on Chrome, Google has revamped its app as well including Google+, Gmail, etc.

Talking about the material design, then there is exceptionality about the material design that will give visual appeal to every Chrome user and app users. Yes, we are talking about the modern and clean user interface that will give a beautiful appeal to its users.

Besides all, Google is also likely to revamp the address bar in Chrome, getting it a whole new design. The corners of the address bar would appear rounded, as earlier that was rectangular in shape.

Google Chrome Material Design


When everything is getting a new appearance, why will Google leave the Tabs, it will appear round in shape that will look quite different from the trapezoidal shape. Other changes that will be the part of “Google Chrome Material Design” pinned tabs, tab strip coloring, Omnibox suggestion icon, alert indicators and some other changes are single tab mode.”

This isn’t for the first time that Google has done alterations to the Chrome Browser, earlier also it had made some tremendously good changes in the interface of the browser.

However, the one that is going to come to the canary version of Google Chrome will be apparently the best one till date.

The last big update that had come before this one was 10 years back when it was first released for Windows XP with 43 supporting languages.


How to test Chrome Material Design?

With the big release of Chrome Redesign later this year, Google has allowed its users to go under the testing phase. So, if you are willing to give upcoming Google Chrome, a try, you can do via downloading the Chrome Canary’s latest version.

To those who aren’t aware of it, we would again let you know that Canary is nothing but a Google’s dominate Chrome development branch, i.e. platforms for users who want to test the new features before it is rolled out in the public.


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