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How to Make a Career in Football and Become a Successful Footballer

Are you a sports freak and dreaming of pursuing your career in the same? Well, it’s not only you but a million others who have been dreaming since their childhood to join sports, play for the country and become a star one day. Particularly, if we talk about India, then it’s seen that sports are emerging as a career for numerous sports lovers.

Decade back, if we see, then sports career was limited only to cricket or hockey, but as the awareness of Football career in India is spreading among millions of people in India, the talent from around the country has come out and is being recognized. And the career of many sports players has taken a new path.


Football Career Path-Ahead of other Sports in the race

career in football in India
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Keeping cricket aside, a new ray of hope has come for sports enthusiasts and that too from one and only Football. Gone are the days, when the game was only recognized in international countries, as football fever is going over the heads of players across India.

Not only this, viewership of football game in India is also steadily increasing and is expected to beat the game of cricket in the race. In between the year 2006 to the year 2014, there has been a constant increase in Broadcast Rights for the FIFA World Cup. Also, the viewership went up to 50 million in the country itself.

Most of the people across the country aren’t aware of the FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) that has been established on four major states of the country i.e. Mumbai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi) in collaboration with All India Football Federation. Moreover, its academy has been developed in Gangtok as well as in Bangalore. Since the sports infrastructure as established in the country, FIFA is receiving extraordinarily mammoth craze among players in India. However, FIFA is still working a lot to popularize the football in India.


Football Academies in India

  • Dempo Football Academy, Goa
  • All India Football Federation Academy, New Delhi
  • Goa Elite Academy, Goa
  • Tata Football Academy, Jharkhand
  • East Bengal Football School, West Bengal
  • Mohun Bagan Sail Football Academy, Durgapur West Bengal
  • Premier Indian Football Academy (PIFA), Mumbai
  • Bhaichung Bhutia Football schools, New Delhi

One can’t contradict the fact that Football in India is widening the career horizons for players in India. In Fact, the craze and followers for this game are more than Facebook followers. India has joined hands with 5 Asian countries where the FIFA world cup has already taken place.

According to reports, many indexers are indicating sports freak that football market is ready to fly high in coming years. Taking a dig into this, Under-17 FIFA World Cup was hosted in India. Bringing such immense opportunities, sports career seekers can expect to have a bright future ahead.

One name that comes into the mind when talking about FIFA under-17 is of Sunil Chhetri. The country has produced one of the excellent players. He is considered the 3rd highest active goal scorer in the world. This performing player is just 5 steps away from achieving the record goal of Lionel Messi.

Here’s a brief list of top 5 International Football scorers:

Player Name Country Goals
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 81
Lionel Messi Argentina 64
David Villa Spain 59
Sunil Chhetri India 61
Clint Dempsey USA 57


How to Make Career in Football?

career in football in India
Image Source: Sporting News


If you are inquisitive to know that how to get started with football career in India, then here’re certain things to remember:

  1. Fitness is the backbone of any game, especially for the football game and one has to work hard to succeed in the game.
  2. Diet is another factor that brings a lot of change in player’s body and helps in remaining fit. One has to follow a strict diet under surveillance of a trainer to get better results.
  3. Joining a reputed football academy and club is the most important factor. It will help you get the guidance of the game under coaches.
  4. Lastly, professionalism matters the most in the game. So, it’s important to follow what is required to become a professional player such as going for practice matches, using proper types of equipment, etc.



Many reputed and talented football players in the world are getting proper recognition and earning a good income. Players such as Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo are bidding for crores of rupees in ISL. So, if you are willing to pursue your career in football, then don’t just think and get started.

A fruitful career is waiting for you ahead.

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