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Cable Cars from Europe are All Set to Fly Tourists to Jatayu

To all readers, we are back with another exciting news of Jatayu. Aren’t you curious to know? Well, let’s not keep you in suspense and get started. In our previous blog, we gave you a glimpse about the world’s largest bird sculpture-Jatayu. This time, the news is all about cable cars imported from Europe that are all set for tourists’ safari at Jatayu center.

We know all readers who know about Jatayu had been eagerly waiting for this news. So, here we bring you Cable cars for Jatayu ride that will be a treat to eyes when watched the beautiful sceneries from cable cars.

Don’t you agree?

The most popular and the largest bird sculpture that exists on earth is Jatayu and is built on Rs 100 crore project. The gigantic sculpture that is spread in a 15,000 sq ft floor zone from the sea level is quite big and can’t be completed by tourists in walking distance.

Looking forward, Pinarayi Vijayan, the Chief Minister will soon commission Jatayu earth center’s second phase on 17th August 2018.

Around 16 cable cars have been set up in the park that was straight away imported from Switzerland through sea medium. It approximately took one and a half month to reach cable cars to land to Kochi.

Further, they were sent to Chadayamanglam in trailers and through road. Around 220 workers were assigned the task for this project.


What would be the expenditure on the ride?

Jatayu Nature Park cable cars are all set
Image Source: The Indian Express


Overall, the sources reveal that its total expenditure on the project was nearly 40 crore. Also, the ticket that would be charged per head would be Rs 400 up and back, stated by Rajiv Anchal, CMD of Jatayu earth center.

Are these Cable cars reliable?

The decision behind importing cable cars from Switzerland was taken due to the steepness of the rocks at Jatayu. If ordinary ropeway cars had been used, it would have been a dangerous resource. Towers used for attaching cable cars rope were built explicitly in steep rocks after doing robust security checks.

Otherwise too, as the cars are imported from Switzerland, it seems to be more eco-friendly. As far as the management of these cars is concerned, then a north Indian company by the name Usha Breko Group have been assigned the project.

How far would be the Journey?

As far as the ride for tourists is concerned, it would approximately take less than 10 min from base camp to up the hills via cable cars. At a time, the car can carry a load of 8 people. Also, we would like to reveal that the rope’s total capacity to hold the load of public will be 512.

The journey of Jatayu center had started way back in 2008 but somehow couldn’t carry on the project. The project then got started in the year 2011. It’s been ten years of waiting for the public who were eagerly waiting to have a look at such a large sculpture and that too which links to Hindu culture. Now the world’s largest sculpture Jatayu is all set to gain enormous attraction from the world around.

So, are you ready to hit the place soon? Well, if yes, then pack your bags, as 17th August isn’t so far. From trekking, rock activities, museum, paintball to HeliTaxi that date onwards, tourists from around the world would be able to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Happy journey!

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