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Britain’s Iron Man Stuns the World! All You Need to Know!

Have you ever dreamt of flying high in the sky just like birds around you?  Well, we are not sure about you but yes, Britain’s man-made that possible.  Astound? Want to know who he is? He is none other than Richard Browning who is now called as Iron Man of Britain.

He is the man who invented the jet suit that for what you have seen on the silver screen so far.


How did Richard Browning work on this project?

To bring out this unique invention in front of the whole world, Browning worked on the secret project for months that has now stunned the world. It was last year during early summer that Richard Browning headed towards the farmyard and began to work on the machine.

He then attached a gas turbine, fuelled of kerosene to each side of his arms and legs. After that, he pressed the throttle trigger on his right hand.

His first lit was, however, short and ungainly. He hovered for a few seconds approximately half a meter off the ground with skidding stop, as dust clouds were blowing around him. This was the moment when Richard realized that this formula would work, he says, “That was it. You could get away with it”.


The idea behind this Novelty

Richard Browning :The idea behind this Iron Man suit
Image Source: Sky News


It was 2 years back when 38 years old Richard Browning decided that he wanted to fly in the sky.   To come up with his dream, he started flying using wings and electric fan motors. He continuously began working days and nights. Then one fine day, he thought what if he ties a jet engine to his body and build a version of an iconic suit of Tony Stark. It was from there he fled high with his dreams. Yes, it took Richards nine months since his first test flight and finally his thought paid him well.     


How does this Iron Man Costume look like?

How does this Iron Man Costume look like?

Richard Browning Jet Suit looks like a lightweight exoskeleton that is attached with 6 gas turbines having combined thrust of 130 Kg. Also, his feet are wrapped with walking boots that are ultra-light snake-bite resistant. These boots are imported from the U.S. His journey in the air last for as long as 12 minutes. However, what Richards says is that   “We are a long way at this moment”. But one day would come when you can walk around in your garden, take off then come down and land”. 


 What is the cost of this Iron Man Suit?

 What is the cost of Richard Browning Iron Man Suit?

Want to buy this iconic suit? Well, Browning jet suit is on sale for not less than £340,000 (roughly $442,396). It can cover a distance of 450 Km per hour. So, more and more people can come up soaring themselves with flying jet suit.

According to the gravity team, a high profile-unnamed client has managed to grab this unique suit. So, if you want to buy it, you have to loosen up your pockets and buy this 1050 bhp jet suit available in London based upscale department store Selfridges. Don’t have so much to spend? No worries, you can have a glimpse and experience the effect of VR. 

Browning said that there are presently 3 offers that people can experience:

  1. Hiring Iron Man’s suit for an event where you could watch a man fly with your own eyes.
  2. Visiting hangar to see and experience the suit in a guarded way.
  3. Last and the best option is to go with your Gravity jet suit, i.e., buy it.


The sky is the limit

Hasn’t flying become so simple? Yes, it has. Richard has already registered his name in Guinness World Record. But what he expects is that the suit will continue to become strength day by day. Presently, the team Gravity is working on to develop the electric version of the machine.

Richard Browning explains that “When we manufactured this, we never thought at the outset that would be capable of revolutionizing the human transport, going shopping, picking and dropping”. He further said that initially, when the first motor car was made, it was smelly, inefficient, noisy, and unreliable and people were extremely derided by it. Looking forward, the work that Richard and his team is doing has opened doors for the new form of Human Mobility.  

“However, the first motor car was extremely inefficient — smelly, noisy, and unreliable. People derided it. So, somehow, especially when you look at the work we’re doing behind the scenes, at the electric version of this, we might well have opened the door onto a whole new form of human mobility”.


The Bottom Line

We are not far away from the time when fancy airplanes or private jets would be a matter of past. With this flying machine, maybe we can in future fly ourselves across the globe. But all this has still time to come. So, for now, Ironman of Britain, Richard Browning is working more on this suit, i.e., learning to control, how to manage, taking more flights, and integrating improvements.

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