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Avid gamers are waiting for the launch of Google Stadia in 2019

You can be a great gamer and play games online on Google Stadia

Finally, Google has decided to reveal an exciting update in the form of Stadia, the gaming platform. This news has specifically been efficient for the avid gamers that are a fan of Google platform.

The year ahead is very critical for the gamers and Google both. The individual professionals have decided to come across a device that can allow you to stream a series of games. You can even create games on the upcoming platform.

More specifically, the games you would have on the platform would run over the Google server. It means you don’t have to worry about system requirements and other issues laptops face today.

The ancient history of the news

Google Sadia Launch by Google
Image Source: Wall Street Journal


The event took place yesterday when Google decided to uncover the latest gaming platform: Stadia. The platform will especially work as Netflix based on subscription for the users. You might be allowed to try a month for free and play various graphical games on the platform.

The news about the new launch was done by Sundar Pichai yesterday morning at GDC. He talked about how the platform would be available for all generations. The CEO also made it clear that the gaming aspect would be there for all platforms including browsers and Pixel devices. Google Stadia will be launched in 2019 in countries like the UK, Europe, Canada, and the US.

More about Google Stadia

At the event, a former Microsoft and Sony executive, Phil Harrison, decided to uncover the latest technology to the audience. According to him, Google will increase the workability and user experience by involving YouTube in the game.

Even the Chrome users would be able to play games using Stadia online using clips from YouTube as walkthroughs. The first ever game that was tested before the news went live involved Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The testing phase by the public ended back in January with satisfying results.

The new technology would work innovatively. You would be allowed to watch a video concerning the game, and if you love it, you can hit “Play Now” tab. With Stadia, according to Harrison, you can play the games in an instant using the internet without having to download the entire thing.

Google Stadia looks specifically cooler. The gaming platform had game pads similar to that of the Xbox One and Xbox One S redesign. It also had a touch of DualShock 4 of Sony concerning thumbnails.

After the launch, you could see the games being streamed at various platforms such as Television, Laptops, Phones, and even Desktops. It will run better at the internet speed of 25 Mbps.

The Twitter response of the news

Certainly, the competition is going to be higher

So for those of you who are worried about internet speed in India, this Tweet is for you

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This is how Google Stadia looks like

Critical information about the technology

Many avid gamers are waiting for the new Google Stadia today. The new technology is set to increase competition between the companies for sure. Are you among those who cannot wait to play your first game on Stadia? Comment if you do!

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