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Another Surprise Comes from Mars, this Time-Water Lake

Where NASA is planning to send humans on Mars by 2030, the planet is giving humans and scientists too many surprises to make their dream come true.

In a surprising revelation by scientists reveal that there is an evidence of the existing body of liquid water traced on Mars. Yes, that’s true. Researchers have come out with a belief that there is a water lake on Mars i.e. the lake is placed under the south polar ice cap of the planet and covers the area of about 20 Km (12miles).

Earlier, the researchers had found there could be possible signs of continual water flowing over the Martian surface, but at present, this is the first sign of the importunate body of water found on Mars. The Curiosity rovers have explored that water was existing on the Mars surface earlier, however, the climate of the planet Mars has since then cooled down due to atmosphere thinning, thus hiding the maximum level of water in the ice.

The results that have come out have left the high level of excitement amongst scientists, as they have been searching for evidence of liquid water on waters, but all efforts went in vain. Well, now, it will also benefit those who have been studying possibilities if life on Mars.

The discovery that has come up was done using a Radar Instrument to board the European Space Agency’s (Esa) Mars Express orbiter called as Marsis.

According to Prof Roberto Orosei who is from National Institute of Astrophysics, “The lake is not very large.” The prof couldn’t make out how thick could be the water layer, but what the research team has estimated is that it is of minimal 1 meter. Further, the prof added that “this qualifies it as a body of water existing. It is a lake, not other kinds of melt water that fills some space between the ice and rock, as what happens in certain glaciers on the earth.”

Prof Orosei further revealed that” Being there and acquiring clear evidence that it would be a lake would not be an effortless task.” “It would require to fly a robot that is capable of drilling through 1.5km of ice. Also, some technological developments would be required that which are not available at the moment.”


How Scientist Discovered Water Lake?

As said above, Marsis is a radar instrument that is used for examining the surface by sending signals and further examining what it comes back. They traced a continuous white lane above South Polar Layered deposit that looked like filo pastry of water ice and dust. Researchers traced unusual under the ice that too 1.5 Km beneath.

What could it be for Life?

Scientists are yet not defined about this discovery. “We have been knowning for a very long time now that Mars surface is inhospitable to life,” said Dr Manish Pate, Open University. He further said that the search for life on red planet-Mars is now in sub surface. “This is where we get sufficient protection from harmful radiation, and the pressure and temperature rise to more favorable levels. Most importantly, this allows liquid water, essential for life.” So, we can’t confirm anything further from the findings of water on Mars at present.

What is in Store next for this Red Planet?

While the existence of Liquid Water Lake on Mars gives alluring prospects to those who curiously want to know about the possibility or presence of life on Mars, the characteristics of the lake should be verified first by researchers. Dr. Matt Balme from an Open University conveyed that “What should be done is that measurements will be done elsewhere to find out similar tracings and if possible, al explanations will be examined and will hopefully be ruled out.”

To Conclude

Earlier, the scientists had claimed to discover bacterial life in the dormant depths of Antarctica’s Lake, but this time Mars discovery would make an ambitious project for scientists, indeed.


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