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All You Need to Know About Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta

Till now, you might have heard of various stadiums around the world and the popularity they are known for. But we bet the stadium we are talking about is not known to many people around the globe. Astound? Don’t be! We are talking about the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta-the world-class stadium.

Yes, it’s the stadium that has changed the game. Giving fans the world-class experience, the stadium is nothing but a retractable multi-purpose that is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The stadium project that started way back in 2014 recently came to life for the public and to carry businesses as well. The field had a massive opening of $1.5 billion.

In a statement, Mike Egan who witnessed the construction of the world-class stadium said that “We never had any doubt that it is going to work. But now when it is opened, I don’t have to show up at cocktails and people asking me about the roof of the stadium anymore. This is what I am excited about.”

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a multi-purpose retractable roof stadium located in Atlanta,
Image Source: cladglobal


We would like to state that the project to complete this massive stadium took a longer period than expected. It also produced a lot of mockeries whether the camera lens like the design, the complex would even work. But whatever were the situations, the hard work finally paid for those who worked days and night creating this unique stadium.

The inauguration held on 25th July 2018 opened the roof fast prior to the projected time that was 12 minutes mentioned in the original design.

It also took 7 minutes to close the roof as well. Officials of the stadium also revealed that the leaking issues that went embarrassingly at the time of college football national championship game in last season were also rectified and corrected. Now, it is expected that Super Bowl of this season might take place with the roof open if NFL approves the weather in exterior would be fine.

Egan further said that it is working in the same way as we expected and can’t wait until the fans arrive and get blown away by the beauty of it. He also claimed that he never doubted the roof’s working. However, he said it required additional modifications after the stadium was opened last year in the month of August.

In order to mark after completion of the roof, several media faculties were invited and take to the rooftop of the stadium that was approximately 300 feet above the field. This was done so that they get the first-hand look of the exceptional structure.

Future Business Plans

Mind Blowing facts about Mercedes Benz Stadium

Since the plans were running to recreate Georgia Dome that was 25 years old into a retractable stadium, Mercedes Benz Stadium conducted 3 major events in its first 3 years. Previously, in January, Alabama defeated Georgia in College football national championship.

The upcoming season of NFL will be concluded in Atlanta. Also, in next 2 years that is in 2020, the stadium will be hosting the next final tour of men college basketball. What plans for 2026 is that Mercedes Benz stadium will likely become the major venue to conduct critical sports event of the world, i.e., Soccer World Cup.


Taylor Swift’s Bang on Performance-A Big Hit

Taylor Swift’s Bang on Performance
Image Source: Mercedes Benz stadium


Recently, on August 10th and 11th 2018, Taylor Swift, a famous singer and her gang gave a massive performance on the stadium of Mercedes Benz. Although Taylor Swift has been in the limelight for some wrong reasons, that doesn’t stop her from moving. On Friday night, Taylor Swift’s reputation tour gave an excellent outcome with nearly first of two shows sold-out, thus giving the sweetest revenge.

She was seen purring the electronic buzz saying “Are you ready for it?”  She was dressed in a short black dress with knee-high black boots and was surrounded by a bunch of dancers.

Mind Blowing facts about Mercedes Benz Stadium

  • Halo-shaped video board to encircle the whole field
  • A retractable roof to open and close the roof as per requirement
  • Each forecourt present in the stadium will have signature concessions
  • The stadium will provide a window, i.e., exterior walls for natural light to come in the stadium
  • Fan Plaza for the fans to discuss the experience they had as they gather.

Looking for some more news from Mercedes Benz Stadium? Well, there is much more news to come in the future with mostly the world-class events to be held there.

So, keep reading our blogs, as we are going to keep you updated.

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