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Addicted parrots are destroying the opium plants in Madhya Pradesh

This is a unique case of addicted parrots and they ruined opium plants that are used to make illegal drugs and painkillers.

Parrots might be one of the most trouble causing birds around the world today when it comes to farms. Such problems are faced by the farmers in Madhya Pradesh recently. The farmers have already been facing atrocities in the opium plants production and parrots added to it.

Addicted parrots have found the poppy flowers their ultimate home. They have been wandering around the farms trying to eat it all. This has greatly troubled the parrots.

What would you do after seeing a sea of parrots eating up all your efforts? You wouldn’t know what to do, right? The same thing has happened with the farmers. Many are not even aware of what is needed to be done. Some tried but failed badly.

How did it happen?

Addicted parrots are destroying the opium plants in Madhya Pradesh
Image Source: BBC


Poppy or opium plants are both special and banned from cultivation expect few farmers. The plant produces Opium that is used to make illegal drugs and painkillers. Hence, only a few farmers around the country are producing this particular plant.

No one could even wonder how and why parrots got addicted to poppy capsules. Perhaps, they could feel high after feeding on opium inside it.

This season, a group of parrots started attacking poppy plant region in Madhya Pradesh farms. The farmers complained that inconsistent rainfall had already made it difficult for them to cultivate enough poppy flowers. However, after the parrots started to make about 40 visits a day, the farmers have started to face difficulty in producing enough crop.

The farmer said to the NDTV.com, “One poppy flower gives around 20 to 25 grams of opium. However, a large group of parrots feeds on these plants around 30 to 40 times a day. This affects produce. These opium-addicted parrots are wreaking havoc.”

What is the result of opium plants phenomena?

parrots damaging opium crop
Image Source: Indiatimes.com


The farmers have started to face losses in the production of opium plants. Since the poppy capsules are used in the medicinal industry, the health industry can face problems.

Many farmers even filmed the happenings of the parrots. Several of them were found to be feeding on the poppy capsules without any fear. Some of the parrots even strive to take away the entire pod to their destination.

According to the Daily Mail, the birds are intelligent enough to train themselves to act like a professional. They come and take the pods away as an expert thief.

Even after the havoc, the district officers did not pay any significant attention to the farmers’ plea. The individual farmers have been forced to keep their opium plants farms safe all by themselves. Many decided to put a fence and protective net over the entire farm. Others have been trying to guard all day and night to fly the parrots away.

Several individuals tried to get the birds away by shouting at them. They used loudspeakers firecrackers and similar other things. Still, the birds continue to feed and take the pods away.

These farmers would surely invite some ideas to act against the parrots without potentially harming their lives. What would you do in the place of these farmers?

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