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9 Unbelievable Ways How To Travel After Retirement

When we think of retirement, we often imagine that we are exploring the globe and using the seemingly limitless free time we suddenly have in our hands.

In some aspects, retirement is the ideal time for travel, because work-related restrictions go out the window. On the other hand, since most seniors have a fixed income, it is often easier to say these trips than to do. Throw in the fact that pensioners don’t tend to do a good job of budgeting for travel, and it’s no wondering so many find themselves financially stressed down the line.

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Specifically, today retirees find that travel costs are 40 percent higher than expected, according to a Capital Group study. Worse still, 58 percent of seniors do not budget for retirement. If you hope to see the world when your career is over, budgeting for it in advance is crucial.

So do you want to travel the world after retirement? I am going to share you 9 unbelievable ways how to travel after retirement.

So, here we go!!

1.Find out how much money you can spend on travel

It’s pretty much impossible to plan your trips without having a solid sense of how much money you have available to spend on them so firstly you have to figure out how much you able to spent on travel.

Obviously, firstly you will need to subtract all the taxes and your basic living expenses like housing, food, clothing, and Healthcare. Once you have accounted for this essential cost you will see how much money you have left over for travel after retirement.

2.Prioritize your trips and understand their cost

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Once you get a sense of how much amount you can afford to spend on travel, your next target should be maximizing that money for this you can do specifically by identifying the trips that are most important for you and getting a solid sense of how much they will cost.

You can decide to research your trips independently or through a travel agent, it’s totally up to you. But the main target is to get an accurate estimate of how much age adventure will cost more than just guessing at it.

3.Check out for discounts

Once you determine how much your dream trips cost, it’s worth seeing if you can snag any higher discounts out there. You never know when you could pick up rentals, meals or hotels. That said, it is even more important to build a buffer into the budget for each trip to account for the unknown. For example, you can book a cruise and assume that you will spend the majority of the week enjoying the free activities of that ship.

But what if the last few excursions end up catching your eyes? Those may be expensive, but they might also represent once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Similarly, assume that incidentals such as taxis and tips will ultimately cost more than expected.

Finally, invest in travel insurance. It will cost you more, but it will also offer some protection if your plans are disrupted or if you encounter a health problem that forces you to cancel or change your route.

4.Follow your interest.

You might not want to visit Europe or Machu Picchu ancient ruins. Maybe your tastes go more towards visiting all the marvelous national parks in the United States. Or you might want to immerse yourself in your ancestor’s culture. Would you like to learn a new foreign language or refresh your former polyglottal talents? Choose a country that speaks your favorite language, find a local language school or group of learning and pack your bags!

5.Check out the weather before planning

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For a different reason, the off-season is desolate in some places: weather. It gets really cold in the wintertime in the northern latitudes and hardly disappears during the spring. Summer might be the only time it is comfortable to walk around town in history and culture without wearing a heavy park and two layers of thermal underwear.

The summer might be hot in the more southern latitudes and the worst time to visit from a comfort perspective. However, if you have to travel during the summer due to the school schedule of your children, you only deal with the heat in any way you can. As if the heat wasn’t enough, you can actually pay a seasonal premium to travel after retirement during the year’s least comfortable weather.

6.Keep food expenses in mind

Eating out can bust any travel budget quickly. Instead of dining in restaurants, shop at a supermarket and pack picnic lunches if possible. If you need dinner, remember that lunch is cheaper than dinner. Splitting meals or ordering appetizers are other strategies to limit food costs.

7.Possible to skip the rental car

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Another trick of Ellison is to keep within walking distance of attractions in large cities. “We rented a car but only a few times, Try to travel in the locals. This means taking public transport whenever possible and often walking 7 or 8 miles each day.

8.Find some travel companion

Some fixed travel costs, such as certain hotel rooms or a rental car, can be made less costly by splitting the cost between more travellers. Finding another couple or friends to join your adventures can reduce the cost per person for everyone.

9.Try for Timeshares

If you don’t mind sitting through a high – pressure sales pitch, prospective owners will often have a free stay at their property. However, you may need to be eligible for certain income requirements. You could also skip the pitch by visiting sites such as RedWeek.com where timeshare owners often rent their property at a discount.

Bottom Line

Traveling your golden years during retirement can be extremely meaningful and rewarding. Just make sure you budget it accordingly so that your finances do not collapse at the worst possible time.

So oldies, which one is your favourite destination which you want to travel after retirement?? comment below !!

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